Why do Trump and Carson claim….

to have seen news footage in the aftermath of 9/11……that doesn’t seem to exist?

For extra credit, Carson recently said this with a straight face:

I would like to see more physicians, scientists, engineers serving in public office because they are taught to make decisions based on evidence as opposed to on ideology.

And we have so many ideologues now, and it makes it very difficult to get things done because an ideologue will just assume that their belief is correct.


17 thoughts on “Why do Trump and Carson claim….

  1. I don’t know if you guys remember 9/11 2001 or not, but on that day and for a couple of days after there were a scattering of reports of Muslim students and other Muslims celebrating. These reports got squashed by GW Bush so that he would not have to fight a war against world-wide Islam. The reports were never followed-up on by the press, either. It may be anecdotal evidence, but I believe Trump, not that I like him. I believe he speaks truth as close as he can remember it.

    Now, last night I read a blog where the author was defending his PhD at 9:20 AM the morning of Sept 11, 2001. Pretty much everything that happened that day is etched permanently in his memory. He only heard about the attack later in the morning. He also remembers reports of Muslims in Jersey City, a heavily populated Muslim enclave, celebrating the attack. He also remember, as do I, that world-wide, Muslims to the tune of about 90% feel that the USA deserved the attack.

    The real question is, “Where was the Press?”


    • I don’t know if you guys remember 9/11 2001 or not,,,,,


      These reports got squashed by GW Bush so that he would not have to fight a war against world-wide Islam.

      Citation please.

      I believe he speaks truth as close as he can remember it.

      Fair enough. I believe that he’s a pathological lair whose intellectual maturity never graduated elementary school.

      ……Muslims to the tune of about 90% feel that the USA deserved the attack.

      Poll citation please.

      Listen, I have little doubt that there were a small pockets of rejoicing occurring in some Muslim neighborhoods…….but I expect a serious candidate for POTUS to not invent a claim of “thousands and thousands” doing such…..with the evidentiary foundation of “I remember it being on TV”.

      After 7 years of Obama, why would anyone support another narcissistic, immature amatuer?


      • Yes, seriously. What is it about anecdotal you don’t understand. I don’t need some stinking poll, that real evidence is online if you take the trouble to search. Maybe not thousands of Muslims, but SWARMS were celebrating according to CBS reports.

        You may be too young, or even old, to remember that day. I remember, and the reports were there. Some may be anecdotal, but they were there.

        Maybe you can do a little Googling before embarrassing yourself. Seriously. Hell yes?!


      • I understand that anecdotal is not evidentiary. You do understand that don’t you? Your “real” evidence is a façade, and your fascination with my age is irrelevant. You didn’t watch any more coverage of the 9/11 attacks than I did. But I’m certainly not embarrassed to not equate a second hand report of 8 people, with “swarms” [that’s plural BTW] or “thousands and thousands” [Trump has since amended his fantasy to “hundreds”].

        Perhaps Google [and a dictionary] could be your friend too!


  2. And CI, you won’t because it does not exist.

    Bob is the perfect conspiracy person who when presented with facts, claims all the evidence has been taken away. I’ve seen people on both sides of the partisan aisle even claim Google has removed pages that reflect badly on “their” political side.

    This is all part of the “This is what I believe” and nothing else matters crowd.

    Now as Andrew Card, former Bush COS also says it never happened, I wonder how Trump deals with it? Or if it even matters?

    I think if at this point someone is a Trump supporter, after all he has said and done, they are not going to abandon him.


    • Wait. You are going to peddle the claim that a second hand claim [without any proof] of 8 [eight!!!] Muslims celebrating in Jersey equals not only “swarms”….but “thousands”?

      What you posted on your site is quite correct. Some people’s memories, and agenda’s…are selective. Your “smoking gun” fizzled.

      And not only did Trump still lie….he still lies, and has the intellectual maturity of a 4th grader [I apologize for disparaging 4th graders]. Thanks for supporting the Obama of the GOP.


      • Well, I said there were reports, and you said there were none. If you were alive on 9/11 you would remember the reports, When Breitbart publishes an actual CBS report, you want to say it ain’t so. I swiped the report from a Breitbart article that I found in 30 seconds of Googling. You could have done that, too.

        You might not like the smoking gun, but it is still there.

        So what if Trump lied? That’s his modus operandus. I don’t like the guy, and one candidate lying does not excuse another. All the same, Trump is basically correct. There were reports. Why don’t you just admit it?

        By the way, Trump is a very smart man. So far, he is following the Obama blueprint by making statements without substance. It worked for the Demos, and it looks like it is working for Trump. A little intimidation of the Press might be a good thing.


      • I’m starting to wonder if you’ve even read my post, in your zeal to push the narrative. I said that there was no evidence. Now, you can try to claim that a local news report of a claim of 8 Muslims celebrating is tantamount to a smoking gun….but you’re the only one here buying it. Once again, you didn’t watch anymore coverage of the 9/11 attacks than I did. And by reports plural, you’re now claiming that there’s even more video evidence. So, citation please.

        So what if Trump lied?

        And that sums up your agenda right there….but at least you’re admitting that he lied. Thank god I’m not a Republican, to see that ship sink under it’s own incompetence.

        So in sum, an alleged 8 = 1000s and 1000s……got it. Good job.


    • I’ll just add to the chorus… the written blog said swarms… but upon listening, the actual news report said, wait for it, 8 people. Maybe I am not a math major, but that seems quite a bit short of hundreds and the thousands Trump claims.

      And again, we have seen no video of the events Trump, and Bob claim exist.


  3. Again Bob… you stated that GW Bush had the reports quashed. Can you provide any evidence of that? That’s a pretty big claim to make about a sitting President, that he was personally involved in a coverup.

    Is this how it works? You make a statement that cannot be supported, and then when called on it, provide a feeble link that only shows that in fact, as CI said, trump lied. And yet you defend the lie.


    And no, it was no smoking gun. It wasn’t even a cap gun. 8 people, and no video. None. Zip. Zilch.

    There is plenty about the Dems to call into question without resorting to lying and making up stuff. That’s why I don’t get the GOP right now. They don’t have to go to this level.


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