Volokh takes on the “assault weapon” myth

After explaining to the uninformed, the nature and definition of several maligned components of these rifles, Eugene Volokh summarizes aptly:

If I’m right on this, then banning assault weapons is likely to have as little effect on mass shootings as banning whiskey would have on drunken driving. Even if we concluded that drunk drivers were disproportionately drunk on whiskey, banning whiskey would just mean that the drunk drivers will shift to vodka, gin, tequila or other alcoholic beverages that are just as dangerous as whiskey. The same is true for the so-called “assault weapons.”


5 thoughts on “Volokh takes on the “assault weapon” myth

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  2. God help us, but I see jihadis in particular shifting away from guns and going to explosives. You can take out more people and fairly powerful bombs are easily concealable.

    The gun grabbers are statistically-challenged. 1-3% of perp guns are traced back to a gunshow or flea market. The overwhelming source for guns for criminals is straw purchases and the black market.

    The government needs to focus in on illegal arms trafficking and leave law abiding gun owners the hell alone.


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