Well, that’s gotta hurt….


From – Poll: After San Bernardino attacks, American concern about terror threat rises

Support for a nationwide ban on assault weapons has dropped over the past five years, from 63 percent in January 2011 to 44 percent today. For the first time since 1994, more Americans oppose (50 percent) a nationwide ban on assault weapons than favor one (44 percent).

How much longer is the gun control industry going to claim to speak for the American people, with their stable of 20 year old, poorly worded polls?


7 thoughts on “Well, that’s gotta hurt….

  1. The President’s press-secretary referring to the San Bernardino terror attacks as “gun violence” (nah, no agenda here) probably didn’t help (he also lamented the fact that more people – the vast majority of them honest/law-abiding – were buying guns).


  2. The gun grabbers are losing ground, and that has me worried. Emperor Obama must be close to issuing some kind of unconstitutional edict.

    A well-armed citizenry is a good thing. I just wish more gun owners would join the NRA, GOA or other patriotic 2nd Amendment organizations.

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  3. I had an argument with a Democrat friend where I posed that normal citizens should have the right to have assault or automatic weapons. I took the argument to the natural extreme that we should be able to buy (???) an M1A1 tank, or even an F-22 fighter. My rationale is that if I could afford these toys, and can play with them without being a danger to others, why not? I believe the citizenry should be allowed to arm to the point that a potential adversary or terrorist might.

    The gun control folks will oppose any kind of weapon without regard to legality or reason. Using logic I think it is OK to go to the other extreme.


    • I think extremes can be instructive to illustrate the in effectiveness of the gun control argument. My personal strategy is to maintain an argument of unassailable logic and reason. Because when faced with the tantrums of the gun control industry….the civil liberties position is solid and sound.


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