Leftist America, your CinC lies to you

Why do you accept it? Why do you abet it? They think you’re stupid….are you?

Barack Obama

“The gun lobby is loud and well organized in its defense of effortlessly available guns for anyone,” Obama said.

Name a 2A/civil liberties group that advocates for violent felons and the mentally ill to legally own firearms. Name one, you Statist prick. Thought not. Continue to rely on the invention of the “gun show loophole”….at least that entertains us who know better.

The President of these United States thinks his supporters are idiots. And they lap it up….too intellectually stunted to realize it. What other issue would the herd of leftist sheep so willingly rely solely on the advocacy PR of utter ignorance?

11 thoughts on “Leftist America, your CinC lies to you

  1. P.T. Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    Most Americans are lapping up this disinformation.

    Most alarming to me….We live in the Information Age with sophistical search tools, and people are dumber than a box of rocks!


    • Exactly. My wife and I were saying much the same earlier today. Americans [and much of the world] have the ability to educate themselves on really, any subject known to man……at their fingertips…..literally. Our smartphones could enable the most erudite and reasoned generation this planet has ever known. But this generation will go down as the one so caught up in Facebook drama, texting and inane games….that our grasp on our own birthright slips away from us, and into the hands of tyrants and warlords.

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  2. I don’t know. What could it possibly be that would bother y’all about background checks? Presumably each and every one of you could pass such a check with flying colors. What is it? Sympathy for someone who may unjustly be prohibited from buying weapons? Who the hell cares? Let said people straighten out their own problems. If we save one life, it’s worth it, right?

    What are you looking for? Each child that graduates from the eighth grade is given a rifle?


    • What we want is for our elected officials, especially our ‘chairman of the board’, to be honest about their intentions. “Gun show loophole” Doesn’t exist. Why do you accept such rhetorical inventions? Why do you allow the bureacrats and politicians theoretically acting in pursuit of goals you agree with….to treat you as if you’re ignorant?

      Think about the gun control industry’s aims and tactics for a moment. In nearly every case, the strategy is built on willful misinformation and rhetorical theater. Tell me how ‘universal background checks’ [one of the gun control holy grails] would be enforced. What would be the mechanism? Given the admission of the gun control industry regarding a strategy of incrementalism, I think you and I can both see what the next clarion call would be. Why dress up the tactics as something they’re not?

      If we save one life, it’s worth it, right?

      Are you really sure that you want to employ this device as a catalyst for sweeping and invasive legislation? Think for a moment, past the current infringements on one Constitutionally protected right, and consider the precedence on the others, as well as the catalog of privileges you may hold dear.

      Each child that graduates from the eighth grade is given a rifle?

      While that is an interesting philosphical concept, I’m not a fan of taxpayer funded entitlements. What I would like to see however, is an educational campaign of actual firearms safety [as opposed to the political brandign facade from the gun control camp] as cirricula in our schools; something that would actually save lives.


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