St.Patrick’s Day in America

It’s that time of year again, when millions of Americans of all races and ethnicities, dress up like cartoon characters and drink themselves stupid.

This is appropriation of a cultural and religious holiday. Where is the outrage from the left. Oh, that’s right….it doesn’t fit the narrative, because the Irish aren’t “people of color”. Forget the history of Irish immigrants being disadvantaged and marginalized…..since they didn’t whine for a ‘safe space’ or one-sided tolerance….it’s OK to turn Saint Patrick into a caricature.

Some additional reading mirroring my take on this day:

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3 thoughts on “St.Patrick’s Day in America

  1. I read a thing yesterday written by a fellow Catholic who was all upset at calling it St. Paddy’s Day.

    All I could think was, give it up Dude. This “holiday” belongs to the drunken, vulgar American hordes now. Our version is in no way connected to any religious observance any more than the City by the Bay celebrates the life and legacy of St. Francis.

    If you want to observe the Feast of St, Patrick, go to mass.

    I also notice the Catholics pulled out of the NY parade because gays were allowed to carry signs this year… Once again, that parade has never been a religious procession (which they do still have in other countries).

    Cultural and religious appropriation indeed. Christmas anybody?

    My advice is, when someone has appropriated your religious holiday, roll with it so long as it doesn’t violate your beliefs, and continue to also observe the occasion reverently according to your beliefs.

    I’ve always seen this day as a celebration of all the Irish immigrant who came her and became a part of our nation.


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