Bernie hopscotch’s around firearm liability

Sanders: I sell you a gun legally, you go out and kill somebody, should I be held responsible? But this is what I also believe. If you walk into my shop and want 10,000 rounds of ammunition, here it is, chris. that’s pretty crazy. i should be held responsible. If I am a gun manufacturer, selling guns into areas where I know they’re ending up in the hands of criminals, I should be held liable for that as well. – Mediaite

So, Bernie… his cowardly backpedaling from Hillary’s nonsensical arguments for punitively punishing a manufacture of a lawful item… claims that a certain threshold of that lawful item, should remove the common sense legal protections afforded by our justice system, if it/they are used criminally by a third party. And further, that if one sells said lawful item, to a legal customer, in an area where crime is rampant [read: any urban district….ironically run by Leftists], that said protections should also be null and void.

Where Bernie’s cowardice….and Hillary’s idiocy….is at the forefront, is that neither of them would support the same surrender of common sense protections in the case of any other industry.

Why doesn’t even the alleged conservative media, call them on this fact?


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