Ice Cube : Vote Democrat to ‘Put a Lid’ on Gun Manufacturing

When your side has noted intellectuals such as Mr. “Ice Cube”….why do they keep losing their battle for tyranny in the courts and the states? /sarc

Give Me Liberty

This is from AmmoLand. 

Ice Cube is a bigger asshole and idiot than I first thought.

Washington DC – -( During an April 15  2016 interview on the set of Barbershop: The Next Cut, actor Ice Cube said he will vote Democrat in the upcoming presidential election as a way to ‘put a lid’ on gun manufacturing.

VH1 posted a video of Ice Cube answering questions about gun violence, the upcoming presidential election, and the Black Lives Matter movement in which he said:

One thing the government can do to combat gun violence is put a lid on the manufacturing of guns. I think we have enough guns on the streets. I think they need to really regulate the manufacturers and hopefully not make so many guns and not manufacture so many weapons.

He added:

The candidate that I think is most effective to help the situation has got…

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