Screw your party! (With a teeny, tiny, schadenfreudy update)

The party – whether Democrat or Republican – is the vehicle by which candidates can deliver their message and voters can organize said messages into coherent platforms they either support or don’t.

At the same time, to me, the party is the lazy man’s preferred delivery mechanism.

As for the Republicans, it doesn’t seem to matter that you just might be voting an amoral, authoritarian, ignorant statist into office. It doesn’t matter that he’s demonstrated a lack of understanding about basic Constitutional principles, foreign policy, economics, and civil liberties. It doesn’t even matter that he’s flip-flopped so many times on issues that are supposedly important to Republicans, that fish out of water are jealous.You don’t keep or make America great by electing a party. You elect the person who you believe best reflects the fundamental values of this nation.

Source: Screw your party! (With a teeny, tiny, schadenfreudy update)


3 thoughts on “Screw your party! (With a teeny, tiny, schadenfreudy update)

  1. You nailed it. Anybody but Hillary. She really is that bad. She gets elected, appoints her supreme court nominees, and the fundamental transformation of America is on a greased rail to hell.

    But the purists of all stripes can console themselves by reminding everyone that at least they didn’t vote for Trump.


      • I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen a situation where so many in a party -influential and not] have publicly stated non-support for the candidate of their party. A rank and file Republican with even a passing familiarity of the Constitution, would have been able to run roughshod over Clinton in November. If unindicted, this election is hers to lose…in a cakewalk.

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