The Stunning Ignorance of Donald J. Trump

Here’s Trump on veterans. He really supports vets dontcha know…just ask him. Just don’t ask him any questions on veterans issues:

CHRIS CUOMO: We tried to get your campaign and the other campaigns to hold forth or whether or not they supported the current GI bill. In congress, a sneaky vote in the house — no roll call – is going to cut money from the GI bill to allow for other expenditures for vets. Vets were upset. “No, don’t take money from us and reallocate it. Find the savings elsewhere.” Do you support maintaining the GI bill the way it is and growing it instead of cutting it?

DONALD TRUMP: I don’t want to hurt our vets. We treat illegal immigrants better than our vets. I’m going to help the vets. I’m going to only help them. — unlike Hillary Clinton who thinks the vets are getting too much? They’re not. I’ve traveled, seen so many vets I know so many vets now and have a lot of friends. I have developed great friendships among the vets. Our vets are —

CHRIS CUOMO: Is that a yes, “I do support the current GI bill?”

DONALD TRUMP: No. I want to bring jobs back to our country and make the country grow again. I just traveled. I won so many states in a row in massive landslides and part of the reason was trade. Not what you brought up at the beginning of the show, totally inappropriate. Part of the reason I won was because of trade and I talk trade and I’m the only one that can do anything about trade.

Surely the irony cannot be lost on anyone, that the Trump supporters who whine about the GOP establishment giving them not-terribly-Conservtive candidates [who they then voted into or for office]….now cast their protest vote for a candidate who’s not remotely Conservative. Consider Trump’s stated [and often flip-flopping] positions on Social Security, the minimum wage, housing, education, Obamacare, etc….

Just cut out the middleman and vote for Hillary.

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