Their True Colors……

So, Democrats in the House staged an ironic sit-in some day ago….ironic because it was led by a noted civil rights ‘activist’ with the intent of sitting in a ‘safe space’, suffering not a whit and surrounded by heavily armed security…..all in an effort to deny American citizens the right of due process if and when they’re name is placed on a secret government list, with no notification and no recourse.

Now, when the spineless and perfidious bastards of the House GOP, cave and proffer a bill that denies due process, but with an scant opportunity for the State to ensure it is not in error:

House Democrats said Friday they will oppose a Republican bill aimed at preventing people suspected of being terrorists from buying guns because they don’t believe the proposal will be effective in stopping the purchases.

The legislation, which will be voted on next week, is similar to a bill authored by Sen. John Cornyn of Texas that Senate Democrats rejected a week ago. It would give the Justice Department three days after a suspected terrorist tries to buy a gun to show that the person should not be allowed to have it. Democrats complain it is onerous and unworkable. – CNN
It would be difficult to script a bigger farce than the idea that the Left in this nation support civil liberties and reason.
This is almost becoming cliché for me to say this, but I weep for the Republic.

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