Integrity Counts

A couple of days ago, Gary Johnson appeared on Morning Joe and stumbled badly when Mile Barnacle asked him what he would do about Aleppo, if he were President. He muffed it.

However……the next day, he outright owned his lack of answer. Owned it. Class.

Compare that with the catalog of lies, conspiracies and Twitter trolling from Donald J.Trump or the obfuscation and feigned ignorance from Hillary Rodham Clinton.

P.S. It could also be argued that the question was a gotcha, especially in light of Scarborough’s response. The U.S. doesn’t have a policy position on Aleppo. We have a policy position on Syria. The media’s business model is interrupted by any success of a third party


3 thoughts on “Integrity Counts

  1. “The U.S. doesn’t have a policy position on Aleppo. We have a policy position on Syria. ”

    Exactly. When I first saw the video of that part of the interview, I was stumped, too, for a few seconds. Since I am a Ham Radio Operator, and have always spent a good bit of time looking at foreign maps, I quickly remembered that Aleppo was a town in Syria. Even so, the Aleppo question, I believe, was an abrupt change in subject, and I was initially as nonplussed as Gary Johnson.


    • Yep; I try not to belabor the point, because I’m obviously biased in favor of the Libertarian candidate, but I’m a bit puzzled at the media reaction and coverage of this issue. In light of all the absurd statements from Trump and Clinton, I’m almost conspiratorial in my belief that most of the MSM would torpedo any third party threat to it’s business model [CNN excluded, they’ve given quite a bit of coverage to Johnson, and to a lesser extent, Stein].


  2. I am not a Johnson fan, ,but I agree with you that the MSM is probably out to get him. After all, he will take votes away from the Rep and Dem candidates. What I remember is that there were several so-called journalists sitting there taking pot-shots at Johnson. Yep. They were there to shoot him out of the saddle.


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