Mattis of Quantico, Patron Saint of Chaos


There’s finally something I can proudly say that I support Trump for…his pick as the 26th Secretary of Defense. [Trivia fact, SecDef is 6th in line of Presidential succession].

Most by now at least know of Gen. Mattis (ret), from the glossy, tweet sized headlines on cable news, but there’s much, much more to know about the man….and why modern Marines (and lowly Soldiers like myself) revere him like no other [sorry Chesty Puller]. There are several articles to choose from, but this offering posted at The Federalist is pretty good. The 800+ comments are pretty good too….

America knows Gen. James Mattis as a character, Mad Dog Mattis, the font of funny quotes and Chuck Norris-caliber memes. Those of us who served with him know that he is a caring, erudite, warfighting general. We also know that there is a reason he uses the call-sign Chaos: he is a lifelong student of his profession, a devotee of maneuver warfare and Sun Tzu, the sort of guy who wants to win without fighting—to cause chaos among those he would oppose.

 To Marines, he is the finest of our tribal elders. The rest of the world, very soon, will know how truly gifted he is. Our friends and allies will be happy he is our new secretary of war; our enemies will soon wish he weren’t.
Read the rest here…..
BTW…for any who like to read all things military and strategy, here is the command reading list when Mattis led MARCENT.

8 thoughts on “Mattis of Quantico, Patron Saint of Chaos

  1. I hate to get ‘too female’ around here (tho I know your house is full of girls!),but would you believe I get almost weepy when I read of men of this stature, this humility, this expertise, this reputation? I”m thrilled to just know about him.
    AND, I don’t believe ANY soldier is “lowly”, tho I do understand your meaning….great post, CI.

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      • I think a lot of people will look at Trump’s upping of Military defense as hawkish to other countries; I look at it as he says he looks at it…a big deterrent. I am not one to tie America’s hands because we don’t want to cause collateral damage …when our enemies’ goals over there AND HERE are collateral damage, as much as possible. I think our cuts in spending have been anything but a deterrent to our enemies. But I believe Trump must let Mattis make what growth (which jet fighters, which units enlarged?) he feels is right, not just increase all spending. Smart spending is what we need; spending , too, which will “impress” our enemies.


      • Smart spending is badly needed, but we’ll never slay the monster of waste, fraud and abuse….it seems. Defense cuts only phase other nation-states, if at all……that said, our world-wide footprint in static bases….is an archaic holdover from the past. I have my own grand designs for a responsive, and expeditionary military….but am just a cog in the great machine.

        When we talk of collateral damage, we have to remember that we’ve made many of our very own enemies during every conflict we’ve ever engaged in, due to nothing ore than our own actions. The life of foreigner is never equal that of an American…..but we’ve been at times, so utterly inept and callous, that many of our countrymen have paid the ultimate price as a direct result.


  2. And, as I said, terrorists thrive on innocents being killed as collateral damage…we at least try not to.
    We warn when we’re coming, we don’t shoot into mosques because those places maniacs are shooting at our guys from are “holy,”…we almost gave terrorists in those countries Miranda rights, for goodness sake.
    We’re utterly inept and callous because war is hell and people are human….yes, I KNOW there have been horrible things that have happened but I will always be on OUR side. And, no, when a foreigner’s people start killing innocent Americans, particularly at home, they are NOT equal.


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