Very Conflicted……

So, as I do every Friday, I treated myself to a Starbucks Quad Mocha and a Double-smoked Bacon-Cheddar and Egg sandwich, on my way into work. This morning, instead of being assaulted by whatever caterwauling hipster music they usually play…..I was greeted with Christmas music. Honest to goodness, by-God Christmas tunes. Still don’t care for it, but it was a change from the norm.

My Mocha [in the red, godless, minus-the-naked-baby-Jesus cup] was delivered to my hand by the Barista who wished me a “Merry Christmas“,  while my sandwich came with a “Happy Holidays“.

The detour left me wondering where on the battlefield of the made-up “war on Christmas” was I? It was all very conflicting.

Just kidding. I don’t need a random stranger to validate my religious beliefs, especially in the course of taking my money during the crass commercialization of a holiday season [of which, there are 14 religious observances during the month of December]. I went about my day wishing my fellow co-workers [the ones not already of vacation] a joyous Festivus and a Happy Saturnalia. And Merry Christmas…….


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