Our National Honor

It’s no surprise to any who know me, that I don’t care for Trump’s character, demeanor or rhetoric….and I don’t hold much hope for the sanctity of our Constitution, given Trump’s very own narrative and apparent ignorance of our civil liberties.

That said, I hope his assembled team can keep him blissfully distracted with trite and meaningless trivia…allowing Pence and the other adults the latitude to manage the nations affairs as they should be.

On this Inauguration Day, I’m reminded [thanks to War on the Rocks] of James Monroe’s inauguration speech, where he eloquently states: We must support our rights or lose our character, and with it, perhaps, our liberties. A people who fail to do it can scarcely be said to hold a place among independent nations. National honor is national property of the highest value. The sentiment in the mind of every citizen is national strength. It ought therefore to be cherished.


7 thoughts on “Our National Honor

  1. I believe Trump needs more to stop the rhetoric; stop saying whatever comes into his head. He said “mexicans are rapists, etc.” and many actually he thinks ALL Mexicans are that….he talks about Muslims and many think he actually wants all of them gone…..He needs to STOP. THINK. Don’t do the hyperbole to make a point; people are waiting to hear him screw up and he hands it to them on a silver platter.
    I agree about Pence; I hope this VP is given FAR FAR more to do than any VP has ever had to do….like run the country!? That man has great character. I do know a friend whose pal is Pence’s right-hand man and this right-hand man who’s also not a Trump fan, says Trump’s changing for knowing Pence. I believe I hear that, too, in some of his words. Let’s hope.


  2. I have a conservative friend who is hyper critical of Trump.
    When I was opposed to Trump, he supported him.
    We both have flipped positions.
    But I hope he can come around should Trump not be who he suspects.
    I am thrilled Hillary is not president, therefore, I am thrilled that Trump is, in that regard.
    But we must remain vigilant, while being hopeful.

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  3. I’d just have to say that Barry alone disgraced us and trashed our national honor long ago and by denying our exceptionalism. And more often. But…elections are a bargain, aren’t they? We rarely get all we want and need in one man.


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