Trump lied to you….again. But I repeat myself.

Surprise, surprise. After telling his supporters, and the American people….that he would release his tax returns, here comes his loyal sock puppet: “He’s not going to release his tax returns. We litigated this all through the election. People didn’t care.” – White House advisor Kellyanne Conway

I have no doubt that my suspicions will be confirmed……the vast majority of Trump supporters will abjectly fail to even speak out on Trump’s catalog of lies…much less hold him accountable.

But perhaps, these are just “alternative facts”……Hypocrites……….


2 thoughts on “Trump lied to you….again. But I repeat myself.

    • I don’t think anybody has really paid attention to this point, but we also haven’t had a POTUS with such a long, and potentially sordid financial history either…one that includes a likely myriad of foreign investments/debts. Not only does it appear that he has something to hide…but he has lied to his supporters and detractors alike.

      I hate playing into this cliché, but I imagine the reaction from the right, were Obama or Clinton to pull this very stunt?


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