Nailed it.

The Right’s speech is violence, but the Left’s violence is speech. That’s the Current Narrative.

– Tam


2 thoughts on “Nailed it.

  1. So far there have been record size demonstration in several U.S. cities and they have been completely non violent.
    What violence thee has been was a few nuts causing minor property damage at the coronation an the completely unrelated event of the provocateur Milo getting the anarchists all wound up at Berkeley.

    Yet the fringe right dishonestly casts the resistance to Trump as a violent movement. Not surprised.
    I’m waiting to see how the right tries to squirm fro the fact that they have clearly elected an immature, ignorant dolt who has the potential to cause real damage.

    You must have been impressed by how well this butt munch organized the raid in Yemen.


    • You fail to realize that the Yemen raid was planned and vetted by JSOC, SOCOM and CENTCOM before ever being brought to the desk of the POTUS….the planning being conducted – during the previous Administration. It’s always easy [or lazy] for armchair commandos to critique military operations. The Osprey suffered a hard landing, causing the casualties. As much as I despise Trump, this event doesn’t get laid at his doorstep.

      But you get points for trying to deflect the actions of the Left [violence is ‘self defense’, ‘bash the fash’] to Milo. You can do better than that.


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