Post Election Assessment

I honestly wanted to give Trump time to settle in and begin the work of managing the Republic. Further, I really wanted to see how the self proclaimed Conservatives who voted for, and support Trump….would react to his Presidency.

I didn’t have to wait as long as I had hoped.

To date, I’ve come to some saddening – and maddening – conclusions about those on the Right, who consider themselves to be Conservatives.

They uniformly don’t hold Trump accountable in anywhere close to the same manner that they held the Obama Administration [and in most of those cases, rightly so]. They don’t balk when Trump attempts to delegitimize any institution or person who dares to criticize him. They are silent when he lies….yet vocal in support of the “fake news” meme. They don’t see him as a thin-skinned, pissy little bitch. They cheer him. How can “fake news” be a threat….when 50% of said falsities come from POTUS?

They appear to gain emotional gratification for “sticking it to” the Left….foregoing any semblance of critical thought and intellectual curiosity [not to mention reason and ration]. They revel still in the stale memes of the Obama Administration, where he is apparently a communist/Kenyan/marxist/Muslim [or “mooslem”], known collectively as “Sotero, bathouse Barry, Zero or Ovomit”. Apparently this is highbrow humor amongst the vacuous mouth-breathers.

They’re hypocrites, pure and simple.

So, either they’re not Conservatives……..or I [as a proponent of fervent intellectual warfare in the pursuit of limiting the size and scope of the federal government] am no longer one….as the political label has been co-opted by the petulant, mental midgets.

Doesn’t matter. The Republic is lost……..sadly, many are too stupid to see that fact.



2 thoughts on “Post Election Assessment

  1. Well. I’m not as pure as you.
    I guess it’s hypocritical of me to give the guy a chance, and be thankful that the Clintons and Obamas are no longer in power.
    He’s not perfect.
    I’m not going to shoot at him, effectively joining my enemies in their attack until I’m convinced of his ill intent as I was of the previous president I named.


    • I’m no purist, and respectfully, sentiments like that or another I see frequently, “there’s no perfect candidate”…..are dodges. That sentiment was non-existent on the Right during the past 8 years…yet the Right wondered why the Left continued to adulate Obama and swallow his lies.

      It begs the question of how do you hold your own party/candidate accountable to a basic set of standards, much less the higher standards we as Conservatives claim to live by?


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