Updated – Peeling back the Trump-Russia Onion

A long read, posted at Just Security……but worth it, to get at the multiple ties and circumstances of Trump financial dealings with Russian entities. Ties that must be taken into consideration given the House, Senate and FBI investigations of potential Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

While names like Carter Page, Roger Stone and Michael Flynn dominate headlines amidst allegations of possible collusion with Russia, there’s another angle to Donald Trump’s connections to the former Soviet Union that’s only beginning to receive the attention it deserves. This is the series of murky financial dealings that often make little business sense. Taken on their own, many of these transactions appear perfectly legal. Viewed together, they show patterns suspicious enough that they should qualify for investigation under U.S. laws aimed at combatting money laundering, tax evasion, and other hard to track financial misdeeds. One particularly good example of this pattern involves Trump’s billionaire Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, and his former role as vice chairman of the Bank of Cyprus. His case is just one piece of the puzzle that may be reflective of other dealings that warrant much closer scrutiny.

Read the rest here: https://www.justsecurity.org/39409/money-russia-cyprus-trump-teams-odd-business-dealings/

Another article speaking to the same set of issues, at War is Boring: https://warisboring.com/trump-aides-and-russian-mobsters-pulled-strings-in-putins-massive-ukraine-gas-scheme-2ec3e6cef803

Before Donald Trump was president or a candidate, and when he was hurting for investors as Wall Street had all but shut down loaning operations to him, his businesses established extensive ties to Russian oligarchs, including some allegedly affiliated with organized crime.

At the same time, associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian government and future associates of Trump — most notably Paul Manafort, his future campaign chairman — were allegedly involved in a massive Eurasian natural gas and money laundering scheme worth billions of dollars, and part of Putin’s grand plan to control Ukraine.

At best, Trump may have had no knowledge of this scheme and these ties, but even this scenario highlights serious deficiencies in Trump’s judgment in terms of who he did business and politics with — and it is of urgent interest to the American people as Trump manages the nation as president.



4 thoughts on “Updated – Peeling back the Trump-Russia Onion

  1. Bank of Cyprus? OOOH, that’s a big deal (smile). I’m curious…because it seems that none of the Trump family or associates or appointees were ever supposed to have had a job, apparently? And they’re supposed to sell everything off now and enter into no new business dealings? odd.
    And the Russian thing even in this blog post is unsubstantiated.
    I’m no Trump fan, but we need facts..substantiated facts…and they will come out. Either way.


    • You’re arguing points that nobody is making, regarding the Trump business. As far as substantiated facts go, these points are indeed circumstantial…..but were this issue related to the previous Administration….it would be widespread blogger currency right now. Obama has been tarred with far less substantiated facts……


      • I totally disagree…most pundits have been saying nobody has rec’d the kind of criticism Trump’s getting and I believe they are right…Obama just had the cover of the press.


      • I’m not sure which part you’re disagreeing with exactly. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing…but I don’t use any metric like “many pundits” to inform my position. To presume that Obama was just as shady, but had the cover of the media….is yourself relying on nothing substantiated. Listen, I’m not claiming Trump is a traitor or calling for his impeachment….but there’s smoke, plenty of it. And where there’s smoke…..

        Trump’s business relationship with Felix Sater alone would be cause for the right to call for an independent investigator, were the opposition party in power.


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