It’s About Time…

Now copy/paste to the other 49 States……and end the enforced ignorance of firearm safety and the demonization of one of the salient tools that built and defends this nation, from enemies both foreign and domestic.

House Bill 612, filed this week by Representative Jay Adams, would give the state room to develop a firearms education course and allow the class, which would include “firearms safety education as recommend by law enforcement agencies or a firearms association”, to be offered as an elective to high school students.

The course, which would be developed by the North Carolina Board of Education, would not allow live ammunition in the classroom and would also cover the history and mechanics of firearms with a firm emphasis on the importance of gun safety.

From Bearing Arms




7 thoughts on “It’s About Time…

    • Drivers Ed?

      They don’t do art, music,European and ancient history, foreign languages or much more.
      But it is critical to the survival of the republic to have a firearms course.

      Seems like a misplaced emphasis to me.


      • Not supporting gun safety and not believing it should be a compulsory function of public schools are two entirely different ideas.
        There was a time before it went off the rails that the NRA was available to serve the function of teaching firearm safety (it may still).

        Conservatives are often quite vocal about how dumbed down the populace is and how it is going to lead to a downfall of the Republic. I respond to your criticism by suggesting that a population with a wide range of academic knowledge is more critical to our progress than a populace trained in gun safety whether they are interested in firearms or not.


      • Ducky, your myths about the NRA are cute, and I’m not even an NRA member. The NRA has always been active in legislative matters, would you like me to provide you with some screenshots of said activity over the years? Happy to do so. Secondly, the NRA continues to be the nations [if not the worlds] preeminent firearms safety organization, bar none. If you don’t believe me, then kindly provide us the name of who you think has usurped that title. The consistent problem with the gun control cabal is that they cannot intellectually separate the NRA and the NRA-ILA.

        Next, are you saying that you don’t follow the gun control mantra of…”if it saves even one life!!”? When you and I were younger, we weren’t witnessing kids being killed or inured if they found an unattended and loaded firearm….not at anywhere near the current rate. That’s because firearms weren’t demonized then, as they are today. They weren’t treated as taboo, and kids generally knew the power of the tool, whether their families owned a firearm or not. In the current age of suspensions for a pistol shaped Pop Tart…or the dreaded ‘pow-pow’ finger….fundamentals of firearm safety should be as widely taught as fire/electrical/water/driver safety. If we can inculcate self esteem and ‘self awareness’ poppycock in the public school system….why not something more tangible…and that can actually save lives?


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