POTUS and Partisanship

Jonah Goldberg nails it, and I’m not usually a big fan of his writing:

But no one cares, because the signature image of the Trump presidency so far is a goalpost on wheels. Being all-in for Trump means never having to say you’re sorry. Then there are the folks who are mostly-in for Trump.

Every day I hear people say on Twitter, “Yeah, he’s flawed but at least he’s not Hillary.” But what kind of standard is that? I’m glad Hillary’s not president. Truly. But if your yardstick for a Republican president — not candidate, but president — is now “He’s better than Hillary,” then you’ve filed down the yardstick to a couple inches. “Better than Hillary” strikes me as the minimum requirement for a conservative president, not an omnibus justification for anything he does.

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10 thoughts on “POTUS and Partisanship

  1. jimbelton’s comment made me laugh out loud! Yes, Hillary might be better! 🙂 I don’t know too many conservative Canadians…bravo! (my sister from London, Ont., included in the ‘Canadian liberal’ category…the only one of us 5 girls who went to BERKELEY, of course!)

    I agree….NOT HILLARY isn’t exactly a resounding YES! for Trump, but that’s all we could get….it’s ALL WE HAVE. That’s something Jonah needs to understand better, methinks.

    CI, we’re walking on a high wire these days…..we start slamming Trump hard (as I admittedly do on GeeeZ, hating myself sometimes for possibly disheartening my buddies there or at least losing what little respect they have for me because they are mostly SUCH big TRUMP IS GREAT folks) and we lose every election in the future. The Left, the MEdia, almost ALL TV News, all (*ALL) comedians, etc etc…are ANTI TRUMP. To pile it on publicly (in clearly more seen places than my measly blog) isn’t too wise.

    WE can say AT LEAST HE’S NOT HILLARY….but Trump MUST START GETTING SMARTER….how he can do that is way beyond me…but you know from my blog the suggestions I sometimes proffer!

    I’m so sincerely sorry I don’t get here often….you are so loyal to GeeeZ and I am very grateful for your patronage and input.


    • Z – You and I come at criticism of Trump from different angles, with myself admittedly far less trusting of his actions and narrative. I owe no fealty to the Republican Party. None. So it doesn’t pain me to criticize Trump when appropriate, on that count alone. But additionally, I think fair and intellectually minded people can both support a politician, in light of the only alternative, and be critical when actions warrant. Where I worry is diametric to where you do…..and that is that failing to hold one’s politician to reasonable standards, runs the risk of blind obsequiousness….and general hypocrisy once the roles are reversed. Besides…..I have a feeling the views of most people, your loyal commenters included, are fairly concrete with regard to one party or the other.

      Don’t worry about not stopping y here much, you post daily and have to manage a crowd of ruffians 🙂

      I don’t have the same amount of time that I used to, to knock the cobwebs out of this old girl.


      • I think fair and intellectually minded people should also be aware that slamming a candidate closer to their thinking than the Left doesn’t help push the cause of Conservatism. It defeats it.
        I can’t imagine you think I’m such a fan of Trump’s, you read my blog enough to know I am NOT. BUT I try very hard because we have to save this country and liberalism is destroying it.
        I could never be a leftist in a million years, but I’m a little less hardcore Conservative than most of my readers.
        I’m proud to be a Republican and will do all I can to support it. But it’s becoming harder and harder to support Trump. Still, that’s a stupid statement because…then what?
        Don’t worry…Congress members are talking behind closed doors about impeaching him for being mentally unfit. You may be rid of Trump.
        Then it’ll be “be careful what you ask for.”


      • I wasn’t projecting that you were a great fan of Trump, I was speaking of the right in general. And I’m certainly on no crusade to try to get Trump impeached [though I would prefer a more rational Pence as POTUS].

        And I as well, could ever consider myself a Leftist, but I don’t find the GOP to be terribly conservative.

        But how does it advance Conservatism when Trump lies? Further, how does it advance Conservatism when Trump supporters ignore – or worse – defend Trumps lies? Both sides know that the lie exists…..one side just looks stupid.

        As before, I’d be far happier with Trump….if he just stopped talking.


  2. I’m with you on the TALKING, STOP TALKING, as you know from my posts and comments.
    It doesn’t help when Trump lies…but he said an utterly ridiculous thing today and tonight I’m not finding it quite as ridiculous. I think a lot of the ‘lies’ are things said without having the whole picture…I think he and his whole staff need to SLOW DOWN, get a feel for the PACE of the WH and work closer together. SLOW DOWN, talk, think……….Trump seems to be living in a too-fast head trip based on social media immediacy and he needs to GROW UP and get over that. What a punk he seems to be…tho everyone I have heard who meets him, libs included, says he’s amazingly different and better in person. I hope so. I wish he’d share a bit of that publicly!


    • I think a lot of the ‘lies’ are things said without having the whole picture

      I think that’s true in some cases, but in others, he simply doubles down on the lie, and his staff/surrogates are forced to defend it. I’m sure he’s a very nice guy in many circumstances.


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