On losing hope

Heed Nicki’s words. Listen. Help. Don’t stop being there for each other just because the deployment is over.

Hope. Don’t give up. The bond is still there….don’t let go.

Source: On losing hope


One thought on “On losing hope

  1. I just looked around for suicide rates after WW 11 and there isn’t much….they’re saying WW 11 rates of suicide NOW, in men in their 80’s is soaring, but I wouldn’t attribute that to military service…not 60 years later. Of course, I don’t know.

    But at the rate Nicki writes in our vets today? Astonishingly higher than back then. I often wonder why. The men and women came out of WW2 not wanting to talk much about it…they held a lot in, they raised their families, they mostly did fine. I know personally a few who were what they called ‘shell shocked’ and that’s probably equivalent to PTSD today…….

    But it is a curiosity to me, and I wonder if there are studies now about why the rates is so much higher. I have my own feelings about it, but …


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