Ben Shapiro on POTUS

Here’s the sad truth: your problems right now are of your own making. Democrats were always going to try to pillory you. But you had a defense: they had no evidence. And you could say that freely, because it was true! You could go along with their investigations, just keep saying that you wanted everything out in the open more than they did, and everything would have been hunky dory. If you’re innocent, sunlight would show it.

Instead, you decided that you were so irritated by the necessity of investigation or the possibility that aides had deceived you that you ignored input and then attacked the investigators. In doing so, you looked guilty, you bred accusations of obstruction, and you seemed petty and vindictive. Why is there a special counsel now looking at Trump-Russia issues? Because you hired a National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, that everybody knew had connections to foreign governments, despite all outside advice; you then fired him when those connections became apparent; you reportedly asked the FBI director to let Flynn off the hook; you asked your deputy attorney general to involve himself in creating a justification for firing your FBI director; you fired your FBI director and then admitted on national television that you fired him thanks to frustration over the investigation – necessitating that the deputy attorney general put forth a special counsel.

This isn’t on Democrats. This isn’t on the media. This is on you, because you decided that the political universe would bow to you, and when it refused, you crapped the bed.

Hat tip: Pesky Truth


Trump has gone from serial liar to serial victim….just ask him. I’ve never put a lot of stock in the GOP and it’s candidates/nominees……but I never thought they’d gravitate towards such a whiny little bitch.


4 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro on POTUS

  1. As usual (tho not always), Shapiro is on the mark. What’s your prediction on the Russian narrative? Is it a fake news tempest in a tea pot, or is there any actual fire in all that smoke? If there is, why hasn’t it come out already?


    • I don’t have time at the moment to go into great detail about what IO think will come out, but I believe we’ll learn of financial ties to Russian mafia by Trump himself and communication between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. All issues that the Right would excoriate a Democratic Administration, but issues that Trumps core will ignore and deflect…..claiming the inevitable victim status.

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  2. It is quite likely that the Great Businessman was leveraged by Russian money launderers.
    This shall run its course but why the voters didn’t see they were backing a cheap grifter baffles me.


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