EMP: The Potential Disaster That Gets Ignored | 357 Magnum

The subject of EMP isn’t covered in the mainstream press very often. And while The Economist isn’t exactly mass-market, it isn’t fringe either. The disaster that could follow from a flash in the sky
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is an effect of nuclear weapons. Detonate a nuclear bomb high in the atmosphere (40 km or so) and the result of pumping large amounts of gamma rays into the ionosphere is an EMP. Other things can generate similar effects on varying scales.

EMP: The Potential Disaster That Gets Ignored | 357 Magnum

Congress will have failed us when the inevitable occurs. Be prepared.


13 thoughts on “EMP: The Potential Disaster That Gets Ignored | 357 Magnum

  1. Hmmm, the article implies that we could install surge protection for about what we pay in arms bribes to Israel and Egypt.

    Food for thought.


  2. My homestead has a backup Generac, 25kw generator, that I think will run until the gas runs out first ( barring any mechanical failure).. about 30 days judging by the 11 days straight ( 500 gallon underground tank ) it ran after hurricane Wilma. Think that’s enough time to expect some sort of restoration or get resupplied with propane? Or will we be overrun first by zombies for what little food I’ll have available or killed because I have power? Which one do ya think is the most likely / probable CI? I have good neighbors…I don’t fear them, especially the Germans next door who until they were in their late 20″s had to cope with the failures of the GDR and probably know how to stretch a can of beans among 4 people for a week. Then the neighbors on the other side who emigrated from a failed south american dump called Paraguay. But know how to make a bag of rice seemingly endless and last for months! But, abhor guns. Instead he’d likely realize that his golf clubs true usefulness, would be to fight off any attackers. Cause my understanding is that his game is usually around 200 or something!

    I might be forced to finally find out what a possum or raccoon taste liken a pinch? Then again we’re two blocks from the Intracoastal waterway. So we can attack the closest yacht or snail slow sail boater? Cause there’s not a any edible fish likely.

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    • I’ve long waffled about getting a Generic-type system…..but if the truly worst happens, it will still run out of irreplaceable fuel. I have an array of solar, and am going to experiment with wind and dynamo charging [using a bicycle to generate electric current].

      We have food stocks to last about a year for the family, but planting and hunting will still be immediate priorities.

      Admittedly, I plan for the worst…..which simply makes the temporary outages that much easier to get through with convenience.

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      • Oh man…it just makes you want to cry, crawl into a corner and shudder at the possibilities like our college kiddies, no? No…I’d be satisfied with the less comforting yet more acceptable visions of contending with future Wilma’s or Andrews than my fellowman for a crumb of bread or a jug water. Of course I’m fully armed with a shotgun and small pistols but hell, I’m probably worse off than the Alamo if it ever comes down to fending off hordes hungry survivors. Unfortunately I have a wife who I try to convince of a possible apocalypse but she gives me that look that says..’Poor silly old man’ and refuses to acknowledge it or even humor me with an extra can of beans each week that she shops.

        I always smirk though when I see these TV ads for emergency food supplies…just add hot water…yea…wheres that coming from guys? Take California…no matter what the emergency they’ll never permit a fire pit in the back yard to boil water, will they? Stay Tuned CI. I think we’re heading there and I think I’ll soon need a bunker a panic room.

        BTW…our propane fueled Generac….10K in 2005 dollars…tank and auto start switch and generator powered by a 1.8 liter Ford engine.


      • I moved last January…not terribly far from my previous address…..but carefully chose wooded acreage well away from major roads and any towns. I have well water, but also a natural spring….room to grow food, 9 chickens now and counting; and very fortunate to have at least 80% of my 8 neighbors on my mountain road….with the same state of mind and preparedness as myself. And a wife who keeps a well stocked basement larder.

        Looking at society today, I almost hope the apocalypse comes in my lifetime…and I think it will.

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  3. I’m certainly willing to congratulate you on what sounds like being as close to heaven as one can get. I watch some of these Discovery Channel episodes like “Homestead Rescue” not so much for what we know will be Raney’s eventual success…but that I’m gobsmacked that so many people have literally run for the hills. And I can see how if the SHTF, they’d be better off than the masses in the cities.

    But It’s your last sentence that has raised the hair on the back of my neck…do you want to explain that further? Or do “peppers” even feel any obligation to give any of us a hint or advice? Me….I’m open to being taught how to survive. Having escaped death last November but still struggling…I realized that I have a particular fondness for it…living that is.


    • I don’t consider myself a ‘pepper’…just prepared.Maybe a subtle distinction….

      I straddle the lone between working for a future for my daughters, yet preparing them for one that is bleak.

      I don’t really see an upward trajectory for our society, globally. I see mankind devolving more and more, as the pursuit of leisure becomes an ever increasing priority for most. As technology enables us to forget where food actually comes from [i.e. not the grocery store], how to build, improvise and repair…..and as we become ever more dependent on the State, since the slightest adversity causes the mob to screech for assistance that they believe their somehow entitled to.

      I don’t wish for death and misery….but a culling is coming. Some catastrophe will occur, that will shake our social and institutional foundations to the core. I only hope that it’s one that we can rise from the ashes.


  4. My apologies CI….I meant to say “preppers”….:

    ( “a person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies: there’s no agreement among preppers about what disaster is most imminent | whether you’re a doomsday prepper or simply like to be prepared, emergency foods should be kept on hand. )

    not peppers. It’s the constant struggle to beat the spell check and it’s presumptive impulses to misconstrue just about everything I type. I’m not in the least bit trying to insult or disparage people who see certain signs about a society that’s struggling to accommodate every freak, every fruit, every nut and every SJW snowflake, unhinged college sophomore that mocks the very institutions that provide them with the privileges and comforts they couldn’t exist without.

    There are those days when I truly believe that this country is too free, which makes it too weak and unable to sort out the chaff that’s determined to bring it all down. I think every GI, Airman, Marine or Sailor today should resign in mass as a protest against the shit that’s overwhelming the good in this ( what’s left of it ) country by burning it or covering it all up with their insanity. There are days when I regret my time in as a waste too.

    Me? I’d suspend the first amendment and make it a felony to pick up a rock, a stick, break a window or violently deny another persons freedom and rights to exist. And I’d start by using the military to stop it all in it’s tracks. I’m sick and tired of wasting our time, money, resources and treasure, the blood of our own on undeserving 3rd or 4th world scum while we’re heading down the same road blithely ignoring our own problems. Thank you for giving me the place and space to rant. I feel like the guy in the movie hanging out of a window screaming “we’re not going take it anymore”! While getting unhinged about it too.


    • Sorry I missed this, I didn’t catch the notification. Your welcome to rant anytime, but I do disagree with you…..but perhaps some of it is just misinterpretation. I think we’re nowhere free enough in our society. We quite literally have to ask the State for permission for basic subsistence. From occupational licensing to arrest for selling raw milk…….nearly no part of our lives is not dictated or regulated by the State.

      Liberty is messy, and requires us to be accosted by absurd points of view…..these points of view incidentally, seek to expand the scope of the State even more. I don’t view a curtailing of our Constitutional rights and civil liberties as any solution to what ails our society. It may seem a positive, but only when your party is in power. When it’s not, you’ve just handed precedent on a silver platter to the opposition.


      • Well said Sir and understood. I think I was aiming at the civil unrest, going violent on the “peace loving’ liberal / progressive / regressive side that IMO needs to be met with force to curtail their forces and send a message that it will stop and it will not be tolerated. You deliberately put on a mask to cover your face for the purpose of hiding your identity, you put a hood on, you dress in all ISIS black, you carry any object that can be used as a weapon, you carry a backpack to hold your implements of violence and destruction…should be enough to qualify you to have your ass beaten to the ground and a hurting put on you that breaks your bones and then puts you out of action for the next assembly of rioting or “demonstrating”. We’re in a cold civil war…lets respond to it. Lets see which snowflakes are truly committed to their cause and want a diploma or just want to hang around to stir up the masses and recruit more troops.

        Thanks for the space and a place to say it too CI.


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