Is Trump ultimately harming Christianity?

Conservative Christian Rod Dreher [who’s written extensively about the “Benedict Option”] opines in the NYT:

Is there anything Donald Trump can do to alienate evangelicals and other conservative Christians who support him? By now, it’s hard to think of what that might be. These are people who would never let men with the morals and the mouths of Mr. Trump and Mr. Scaramucci date their own daughters. And yet, Team Trump has no more slavishly loyal constituency.

This is not only wrong, but tragically so. The most pressing problem Christianity faces is not in politics. It’s in parishes. It’s with the pastors. Most of all, it’s among an increasingly faithless people.

The truth is, Christianity is declining in the United States. As a theologically conservative believer, I take no pleasure in saying that. In fact, the waning of Christianity will be not only a catastrophe for the church but also a calamity for civil society in ways secular Americans do not appreciate.

Is Dreher correct? Though Trump garnered Evangelical support, does his Administration bode well for Christian dominion [no pun intended] over the religious landscape of America?




14 thoughts on “Is Trump ultimately harming Christianity?

  1. Trump doesn’t even touch Christianity.
    Nobody says “For a Christian, Trump sets a bad example.”
    But he does empower Christians to resist government overreach into their lives, or at least gives that impression.
    I love that Pope Communist the First took a swipe at evangelicals, Trump and conservative Catholics, and the Catholics pushed back.


    • Trump doesn’t even touch Christianity.

      Wait…Trump didn’t try to convince the electorate of his ‘long-standing’ devotion to the Christian faith, during the campaign??

      Trump doesn’t go around saying that we’ll “all be saying Merry Christmas again”….as if we were in some government mandated prohibition against uttering those words….instead, private enterprise decided largely to be welcoming to holidays of multiple faiths during the season?


  2. Christianity or evangelicalism?

    The two get improperly conflated.

    Evangelicalism has been a negative force ever since Jerry Falwell made controlling human sexuality and laissez-faire capitalism the focus of conservative American religion. It has failed the base for some time. No reason to blame Trump for a decline of its on making.


      • I don’t know which is worse, Obama’s having so many Muslims in the WH (anybody think none of them prayed there during the day?) or Trump at least feigning faith……..Oh, wait a minute…yes I do know which is worse.

        Today, the WH Bible Studies some attend are being attacked by atheists; i had to laugh having gone to dinner with a friend last night and saying “Wait till they say the WH is a federal bldg so they can’t have anything Christian there”….that’s exactly what they’re saying today.

        Yes, by all means..let’s kick Christianity out of the White House…….things will be better then. (Ya, RIGHT)


  3. And, for the record, I do feel Trump is insincere and base-grabbing when he mentions Christian faith. But I know second-hand that Pence’s legitimate and strong faith is rubbing off on him. THat I know.


  4. Trump and Christianity…

    He’s a mess. For years Christian leaders crowed about the need to elect God loving family values people to the White House. Young people heard this for generations, at least in the evangelical world, if not mainstream Christianity.

    The recent election brought us that same group disregarding their prior love of family values and aa real relationship with Jesus in support of a candidate who was thrice married, spoke of grabbing private parts, lied with abandon and showed no Christian humility.

    Is he harming Christianity? Of course he is. All anyone has to do is ask young non-believers their thoughts on Christianity since the election. They are responding in droves, refusing to even listen to people who belong to a faith that sold its soul for essentially a Supreme Court seat.


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