I’ve often wondered…….

What those who call themselves Conservatives who think of a Democrat POTUS saying ANYTHING resembling the following: “I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department”.

I’m still wondering, since the current Republican POTUS uttered those words…and we have crickets from the Right. Nothing. Nada.

This is why I’ve always maintained that there’s a wide chasm between Republicans and Conservatives. And most people who think they’re Conservatives…………..aren’t.

Postscript: After saying he was “getting back to work”……..Trump spent 4 consecutive days …..golfing. I wonder what the simpering sycophants on the right wold have said, had Obama pulled the same stunt.

Piece of shit hypocrites.

Every. One. Of. Them.



18 thoughts on “I’ve often wondered…….

      • The Executive branch is authoritarian by design. Separation of powers gives “funding” authorization to the legislative branch (so no, Trump’s absolute power is constrained by funding and the Senate’s impeachment powers). The judicial branch also has a say as to whether the funding was spent by the executive in a manner appropriate with its’ corresponding legislative direction, but the Excutive does have broad discretion in how the money gets spent.


      • Fake news is pretending that Article 2 restricts Executive power. It doesn’t. All the “other” articles are what “restrict it”. Article 2 simply provides a mechanism for the removal of the Executive. And until that happens, he has the absolute power to go so far as to abolish the Justice Department, and replace the AG with a circus ringmaster.


      • I see, so Trump really didn’t mean “absolute”. Got it. Most Americans, myself included, certainly have no issue with a POTUS exercising his Constitutional powers [though a majority seem to weigh that in regards to party fealty]; but acting within the law, is not an “absolute”, those actions are qualified by said law. Rebuking the claim on definitional grounds alone. Using such terms is the currency of egomaniacs and tyrants.


  1. The growth of authoritarianism to totalitarianism has happened frequently in history. Up to this point
    neither has happened in the US. As long as the 36% “rule”, that danger to the citizens remains.
    IMO despite the peculiar demographics (Fundamentalists, big business & banking, disgruntled
    people who prefer Russian fake news to facts, science haters and the always dissatisfied) of the
    minority cannot sustain; nor can they control every facet of American life. The first sentence suggests the results of such control.


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