NRA = “Terrorist Group”??

There’s been a recent rash of celebu-twits mass-shooting-their-mouths-off, about gun control. Nothing new there….to include the hypocrisy of their armed security.

What’s apparently gaining some sort of faux-gravitas amongst this virtue-signaling, naval gazing crowd of self-important sock puppets……is calling the NRA – a membership driven organization of 5+ million members…..a “terrorist organization”.

Another shooting.
I’m going to politicize the fuck out of it, and so should you.
The NRA is a terrorist organization.

— Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) April 3, 2018

Now, if there were an ounce of logic behind this absurd canard, wouldn’t it be the moral obligation, and civic duty to either eliminate NRA members, or [given that these snowflakes wouldn’t dream of ditching their faux tough talk for actual action] call law enforcement on NRA members.

Please….please call law enforcement on every NRA member that you come across. That should work out well for you. Otherwise….STFU.


3 thoughts on “NRA = “Terrorist Group”??

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