I’ve been looking for a list like this….

By now, most, I’m sure, have heard of the horror perpetrated by a Utah high school girl, one Keziah Daum. It is an offense of unimaginable proportions, a provocation that threatens to tear asunder the fabric of multi-cultural, diverse, tolerant society. That’s right: she wore a red dress of a generically Asian style—maybe Chinese-ish–to prom. […]

via Goin’ To The Cultural Appropriation Prom — Stately McDaniel Manor


One thought on “I’ve been looking for a list like this….

  1. I would think someone that appreciates another culture enough to (quite stylishly) wear one of their native garments would be…appreciated. If a Chinese man wore a cowboy hat and boots to a prom in cow country he would likely get a pat on the shoulder. I guess it is the environment. Cultural appropriation has been going on for a couple thousand years. BB King and his cohorts are glad the British appropriated the blues and revived it. King said if it weren’t for them no one would know his name.

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