Pining a bit for the ‘before times’…..

Used to be that the blogosphere was a rough and tumble, yet intellectually fulfilling arena; where (not always) rational folks could spar over policy and values…….at least walking away with an understanding of how the ‘other side’ thought about issues of the day.

I’ve seen that largely dispensed with over the past few years……with once interesting blogs devolving into shallow echo chambers, bereft of political independence……and saturated with base ideological fealty. With the requisite unwelcoming rudeness expected from self righteous blowhards, content only with seeing their own screeds in print, even when (or especially when?) on others blogs.

No hard feelings though. Since turning my precious time away from political theater, and towards a continuing self sufficient and family oriented pursuits……I haven’t been happier.

I’ve been saddened as a human being….at how I’ve witnessed adult citizens act on these monochromatic forums; not their age certainly……possibly their IQ though.

A smug satisfaction exists knowing that these myrmidons and sycophants will likely be the first to meet their end when the inevitable crash comes. Because if these subjects represent “real Americans” (their opinion)…….we truly no longer deserve to exist as a society.

I’ll probably still be somewhat active on the policy focused sites and military community forums that still values reason and ration…….but aside from some rare exceptions, the general ‘blogosphere‘ has lost any appeal it once had.

Much like critical thinking and intellectual curiosity……..blogs have largely passed their ‘sell by’ date.


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