On Willful Blindness


Our current President has a bad habit. He shares this habit with other, prior presidents and many, many other politicians.

He believes (and to all appearances, this is truly a belief he holds, not something he says for ratings) that anyone who dares to disagree with him is his enemy. Anyone who says anything against him is a traitor. And anyone who actively works against his policies is worse.

How else are we to view his diatribes, when he claims that anyone who points out his lies is presenting ‘fake news’, and is ‘out to get him’?

Now, he could be that cynical, but I’ve not seen enough indications that he’s able to plan ahead to view him as some kind of Machiavellian politician.

I think he’s willfully blind to his own lies. Out of habit more than anything else.

But this isn’t really about him.

This is about the idea that people are out to get him specifically.

I’m sure there are people out there with just as much of an ideological axe to grind against him as he has against them.

However, there are also people – like myself – who have also tried to hold other politicians’ feet to the fire, regardless of party affiliation.

I made little secret that I was not a fan of President Obama. Nor was I a fan of Clinton, Bush (either one) or many of the others who’ve held that office.

With most of them, however, I had little to work with as far as their personalities were concerned. They were friendly, they were able to maintain a neutral or even friendly attitude even if they didn’t like someone – in short, they were professional.

With them, I was able to focus on their policies, and why I considered them to be inappropriate or even bad for the country.

The current president makes so many individual faux pas’ that they obscure many of his policies. I would worry – being rather cynical myself – that he was doing that on purpose, but as so many of those lies and outbursts and tantrums are tied to his policies, it’s obvious that he’s not being clever, he’s just throwing tantrums.

Look, whether you agree with his administration’s policies or not (I don’t, and I would happily debate anyone who could remain rational about it) the issue with Donald Trump is less those policies and more the damage he’s doing, acting like a toddler in the seat of the President.

That’s not behavior we want or need in that office. That wouldn’t change if he was Democrat, Libertarian, Green or something else.


6 thoughts on “On Willful Blindness

  1. I have an associate who has a unnatural disdain for Donald Trump.
    I don’t understand the motive for such an attitude.
    To speak of how reasonable Bush and Obama(!) are in regards to trump is absurd.
    I supported Bush but can not now (and it doesn’t matter at this point), but to elevate Obama (who sought to destroy this country) to attack Trump who has (and is doing) so much for this country is indicative of a real disconnect from reality.
    You may not like him, but to attack him after all he’s done for this country so far is strange.
    What is the point of this diatribe?


    • The point of the diatribe is that Trump is the architect of his own drama. It doesn’t elevate Obama to acknowledge Trumps character failings (something that the right turned into an industry during the last Administration).

      I don’t understand that ability to rebuke “fake news”, yet support a serial liar.

      But I try not to traffic in juvenile insults and hypocrisy.


  2. His actions have degraded the US in the eyes of the world.
    MAGA is the wish, but isolation and becoming irrelevant in world matters is what you’ll end up with.
    Once that happens the wounded ego of the current POTUS will fight.
    Who? Does it matter?
    To win is his goal, your survival and that of your nation taking second place.


    • Ironically, it was the last Administration that the Right said made us the ‘laughing stock’ of the world [that, and the invented ‘apology tour’].
      At least he’s set the bar so low, that we can’t possibly dream of a more intellectually unmoored, juvenile, narcissist occupying 1600 Penn.

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  3. Good morning from England,
    I just want to thank you for following my political blog, redflagflying.wordpress.com
    I don’;t post on there very often, but I appreciate your involvement.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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