Xmas Observation

Funny how while there’s been no real change, now that Trump is in office, State media (Fox) hasn’t been in the (fake) “war on Christmas” bandwagon.

Christmas is just as commercialized as ever.

Fake news indeed……


3 thoughts on “Xmas Observation

    • Odd, I don’t recall hitting as I wasn’t done, yet.
      Christmas is as commercialized as ever. I don’t expect that to change.
      I just had lunch in Ann Arbor yesterday, and I was struck at the emphatic Christmas greetings all around there, and at the mall afterwards, as opposed to the generic holiday greetings.
      Happy Solstice C.I.


      • I haven’t seen any real difference here in the northern Virginia, D.C. area. More to the point, I haven’t seen the vapor-driven exhortations in the usual venues, regarding the invented “war”. I found that ironic given the political dynamics at play. I should really be more critical of the political theater using Christmas as a tool, rather than commercial interests.

        Merry Christmas Ed!

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