Happy Holidays

So POTUS takes to Twitter, today……..this day……to lash out in impotent rage against Democrats, Comey, etc…

Such a good Christian……

A good conscience is a continual Christmas.
-Benjamin Franklin


3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

      • With all his key staff leaving, or being fired, I’m just wondering what will happen if the White House cooks walk out as they aren’t being paid and the secret service go on strike because they just don’t like him anymore.

        My friend, I would feel sorry for the whole of the US but someone voted him in and got exactly what they didn’t want.

        An indefinite Christmas shut down, spiraling national debt, hated by just about everyone in the world, and a MITOO in charge.

        Rather like in the UK , I feel the ‘old world order’ is collapsing by doing what it does best.

        Allowing muppets to vote in the wrong politics then enduring the pain ‘politely’ till the next election, only to make EXACTLY the same mistake again, and again.

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