The Lost Culture

Can any culture raise ‘rough men’ ready to defend it against a ruthless enemy when it cannot even fix in the minds of its developing youth what their sex is?

Our social media indoctrinated culture is so consumed with being offended when the ‘opposition’ is mean to their secular idol, that they are completely out oblivious to the fact that our society will soon be unable to withstand the slightest hardship.

We are fat, dumb and unhappy.



4 thoughts on “The Lost Culture

  1. Can any culture raise ‘rough men’

    Yes it can in two ways.
    The first by training in the military and law enforcement by the use of tried and tested techniques.

    The second is by living in the ‘real world’ where there is little room for the snowflake, soft, weak, mentality.
    Like many the snowflakes ‘Daddy’s check book’ didn’t exist for me and I had to ‘work to live’, to support my family.

    Initially that was in low value manual work where being ‘tough’ was how you coped with the stresses and interaction with similar persons.

    Until the need for that grade of working is removed, life will always make some tough while the weak of mind (snowflakes) will hopefully simply fold.


      • It’s the privilege of those with the means to buy their way though life to think that.

        I do agree that it is something that will continue forever unless we can get rid of money AND the capitalist culture and systems.

        However down at the level where I live, life is a daily struggle. Pay the bills or heat and eat. A dual physical and mental struggle.
        Not a place for the weak.

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  2. An interesting analysis of the film

    It would be interesting to compare it to great B&W portrayals of WWI:
    Milestone – All Quiet on the Western Front
    Vidor – The Big Parade
    Bernard – Wooden Crosses
    Pabst – Westfront 1918
    Kubrick – Paths of Glory
    Renoir – Grand Illusion

    The difference between these and Jackson’s (haven’t seen it) is that the list falls into the category of anti-war films but they certainly document the demands of warfare.


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