POTUS and Veteran Suicides

A critical and important step in mitigating this tragic effect of our never ending adventurism abroad.

We are facing the same critical shortfall now. Remarkably, veteran suicide rates have remained static despite numerous ‘plans of action,’ influxes of money, the creation of thousands of Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), and legislation directed at streamlining and improving the VA.

Accordingly, the new order will give agency officials a year to develop an aggressive plan for combating veteran suicide with a particular focus on state and local community engagement.

The task force will explore a grant system which provides funds directly to local charities and city programs to provide individualized assistance to veterans. While a similar program through Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was successful in cutting veteran homelessness in half, it remains to be seen if generalizing this solution to a very different problem set will be successful.


4 thoughts on “POTUS and Veteran Suicides

  1. The most dangerous thing I have ever mentioned was my belief that every time one of our presidents (or even VA head honcho) dreamed up to deal with veterans “anything” ended up blowing money, (then they just created websites that nobody could use and corporate America didn’t embrace). Its just lip service. Its sounds good but it will sunset when DJT leaves office.


    • I agree, most endeavors have turned out to be boondoggles, designed for public relations rather than actual assistance. Since the majority of Trump’s “support” for the military and veterans has been little more than lip service, it would behoove him to ensure that this action has teeth.

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  2. Money helps but it’s never the solution.
    Politicians just do that to increase their ‘caring for the forces persona’.
    What helps is accommodation and effective medical care.
    Not “this sticking plaster will cure all ” sound bites.


    • Sure, but sadly……nothing gets accomplished without funding first. The majority of ventures are indeed only using the Armed Forces and Veterans for props…..it’s part of the political correctness that exists on the Right (a fact denied by those on the Right of course).

      I’m willing to give benefit of the doubt here and will hopefully not be proven wrong, as I have so many times before when placing a modicum of trust in our elected representatives.

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