Irony x2

Two choice head scratchers…..that would make a rational person wonder how those that traffic in perfidy and cognitive dissonance, can square the hypocrisy, even in their own mind.

First, The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News said it was time to stop lying on Monday, hours after the network had to cut away from a string of lies by White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

“How do we fix it and bring the country together?” Carlson asked, rhetorically.

“How do we make in America you want to live in? The only answer, the only solution is honesty. Let’s all stop lying,” he urged. “Lying about everything that matters, every day of our lives.”

Possibly, change could start from the top? Heh…..

Secondly…..we’ve already covered how the media “calls” an election. So prior to that night, Trump and his sycophants ‘demanded’ that the winner of the Presidential election be determined on Election Day…..knowing full well that States don’t complete counting, canvassing and certifying votes until weeks later.

Now that Trump has lost the election [baseless allegations and frivolous lawsuits notwithstanding], these same cult members are breathlessly exhorting that “the media doesn’t determine the winner”.

Is it just easier to be stupid…or is it reflexive? But at least the Administration that has been a comedic shitshow….is consistent to the end.

4 thoughts on “Irony x2

  1. Yet the danger persists.

    You’ve now ‘almost’ got a new administration BUT it will be working within the same tired systems and procedures i.e. the senate and representatives,

    So the politics of idiots will still prevent innovation and new thinking even if that is at all possible from someone who is an old school staid politician now leading the country.

    Like the UK is hampered by its antiquated thinking, processes, and mindsets, unless a radical change in the way things are done is implemented, it’s just going to end up as the same shit, different day.

    Gloomy thoughts but I think I’m right.

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      • Kinda bumsy thinking but yeah, nothing will change until the current form of governance is rebuilt in a form that works.

        But to do so may kill many.
        Is that the price of freedom, death?
        Only after that there is a couple of other things to ask.

        Who decides what the rebuild will look like?
        And will you agree with it?

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