Wait…I thought the Proud Boys were just “pro-Western Values”…..

Infighting has broken out between two leading members of the Proud Boys group, with one announcing he will be taking control of the far-right organisation to address “White Genocide” and the “failures of multiculturalism.”

White nationalist Kyle Chapman—who set up the “tactical defense arm” of the Proud Boys, the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights (FOAK)—has criticized the group’s chairman Enrique Tarrio while announcing a so-called rebranding of the organization.

“Due to the recent failure of Proud Boy Chairman Enrique Tarrio to conduct himself with honor and courage on the battlefield, it has been decided that I Kyle Chapman reassume my post as President of Proud Boys effective immediately,” Chapman wrote. “Our logo will forthwith be changed to reflect the core beliefs of Proud Boy members.

“We will no longer cuck to the left by appointing token negroes as our leaders. We will no longer allow homosexuals or other ‘undesirables’ into our ranks. We will confront the Zionist criminals who wish to destroy our civilization.

“We recognize that the West was built by the White Race alone and we owe nothing to any other race.”Link

Good god……between Antifa, Trump cultists, QAnon and these clowns……are there many sane people left in this country? Oh well…..another lie gets exposed. This one is special because they dress up in their finest Airsoft gear and pretend that they’re ‘patriots’.

6 thoughts on “Wait…I thought the Proud Boys were just “pro-Western Values”…..

  1. Little groups like this lend themselves to being swept up quickly, if there is a will, A POLITICAL WILL to do so.

    Way I see it, the US (like the UK) law enforcement is impotent as a free thinking force nowadays as they have to follow the orders and Rules of Engagement set by their political masters. (An instant recipe for disaster).

    I’m not expecting Biden to do a lot as he has just proclaimed that he wants ‘America united, not divided’. (See questions).

    I’m also not expecting Trump to do a thing about it as he needs conflict if not civil war to take attention away from him.

    Which leaves the questions:-
    Will anything be done quickly? (Unlikely)

    Who is going to do the deed seeing as though the numbers and complexity of the target is unknown? (FBI, counterterrorism, the girl guides?)

    Will that force be all white?
    (If it’s not, Biden sided with BLM)

    Overall, how is Biden going to square this away when the right claim the left (Biden) is attacking them? Especially if he chooses to go after the guns at the same time.

    Oh boy, do we live in interesting times.
    Maybe not here, but for you – – – !

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    • Good question…tough to answer. Biden’s impact will undoubtedly be far less dangerous than what the Right has painted the picture of [communism!!!!OMG!!!!]…but time will tell. In the interim, we have disparate groups on either side whose existence depends on the calamities above being realized. It may only take one, which seeks to instigate their ‘manifest destiny’.

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      • As said, if it’s only one, it ‘should be’ easily taken down. The problem is if it acts and ISN’T TAKEN DOWN fast because the politicians start dithering.

        Because if it isn’t stomped, I’m of the mind that the streets will become uncontrollable.

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