Smoking Kraken *Updated*

No, not a play on “smoking gun“, a play on “smoking crack“.

I’ve not commented much here recently due to my workload, and certainly not on Trump’s refusal to concede the election…..primarily because the soap opera drama and utterly juvenile legal challenges seem to shift, twirl and change on a daily basis.

But I’m fascinated by the pathology of those who not only think that Biden [or some multi-named nefarious entity] “stole” the election….who believe that Trump actually won by a landside….but the also the sheer mythology they’ve created and bought into along the way.

Sidney Powell [of whom I was told on another site, was a sign of…..”serious lawyering“….heh], has been spouting off about a “Kraken”…..allegedly a DoD Cyber Warfare program that was either employed to steal the election on behalf of the “deep state” [meaningless and undefined moniker] or will actually expose such evil deeds. Powell [once a much respected attorney] publicly announced a few days ago, that she has “released” such a beast. Crickets…..

Other conspiracy-minded folk including retired General Tom McInerney [a staunch war hawk, regime-change advocate and reliable right-winger…he’s a real piece of work] have claimed that there was actually a firefight in Germany between CIA elements and Army Special Operations units, over an alleged seizure of a server that somehow held evidence of such electoral chicanery. Whew.

And to top it off, these people claim that the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion at Fort Huachuca, AZ…is the site of or manipulator of, said “Kraken”. Yep, an Army Basic Training unit is responsible for the Republic-ending calamity that now faces us……

At this point, to be believable……one would have to offer that nearly every person or entity in this nation, outside of the Trump legal team….is in on the great con against Lil’ Donnie. Someone is being trolled here.

I remain sad for what’s left of our Republic…..but also utterly fascinated.

*UPDATE* Commenter Paul posed a question where my response included the potential for a Martial Law declaration. Lo and behold, that same call [tweeted out by toxic leader and persistent national security risk Michael Flynn], calling for such a declaration, and a new election, ‘overseen’ by the military. Link

Banana Republic……you have arrived.

5 thoughts on “Smoking Kraken *Updated*

  1. Fascinated? I’m more horrified.
    The decline of the American Empire from the aftermath of Trumpism, and the defeat of commonsense by social media, plus the paranoia of ‘senior bodies’ can only end in one way. BADLY.

    Thing is, when things go horribly wrong (and feel free to correct me) SOP for the US seems to be to start a new little war.

    Having said that, the groundwork has already been laid, with Russia and China and, to a lesser extent, Iran.

    So what’s on my mind is ‘Duckie’ going out with a bang leaving Biden to sort out 3 messes. The US economy, Covid-19, and global war.


    • I’m with you…I just mean fascinated in sort of a clinical way…I’m rather horrified as well.

      I’m expecting something to kick off with Iran, given the recent assassination, Netanyahu’s visit to Saudi Arabia, State Department signaling designation of the Huthi’s as a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’ [for some odd reason], Iran’s move to enrich Uranium at 20% and the anniversary of the Soleimani/Muhandis strike on 3 Jan.

      A bunch of perfect storms coming together right before the transition of power here…..

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      • My friend I’m not exactly worried about martial law or even civil war in the US.

        Something tells me that would solve a LOT of your problems by sorting out the pack, putting everyone back into their correct suit, and place, while getting rid of any errant Jokers. (that would be the radical Lefties).

        I am however worried about Ducklet destabilizing the Middle East or stupidly facing off with China and Russia.

        So, until Ducklet is confined without his Twitter Account, or something more permanent occurs. 😉

        To me, he represents a clear, present and active threat, to world peace and our safety.


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