4 thoughts on “Hiatus Break II: Your Political Party Summed up in 1 Sentence…..

  1. The basic fault was this ‘trial’ was not held in a court of law.
    Instead you had politicians voting with party politics in mind as a jury????
    WTF was that all about!
    That and securing a two thirds majority needed to convict in what should have been an accessory to murder. Me thinking of the LEO’s who were murdered.

    I doubt Pol Pot would have been found guilty of jay walking there let alone a failed businessman who was responsible for nigh on half a million avoidable deaths by COVID in the US, and the biggest ‘anti US’ sentiment in the Far East, if not the world, in modern history.

    Anyway, if it’s any consolation.
    I reckon the result would have been the same if the fiasco has been held in the UK.
    Politics throughout our system of chaos (whoops) government is totally money oriented, corrupt, and SELF SERVING.

    Still, with WW3 brewing, re-written history will be able to skip over a lot.
    All grouped under the heading “Things we’d all rather forget about.” (aka the truth).

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    • We had half of the jury pool actively collaborating with the Defense Counsel……

      Certainly, it’s not a court of law…but c’mon….

      And people who voted their conscious, are being censured by their party….for not following the party line. The ‘little Red Book’…isn’t necessarily red anymore.

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      • Chuckle. I was gifted a copy of Mao’s LRB.
        Once you get your head around the Chinglish it does make quite a bit of sense.

        Anyway, back to Trump.
        He was never going to be found guilty, even if had stood there with a smoking gun and every justice in the world watching him do the act.

        To find him guilty would have royally screwed the Republican party, and that was never going to happen.

        What is it we say? The trinity of God, Country, Family.

        What do politicians say? The trinity of God, Me, and My Party. The first two being interchangeable.

        Same thing for the criminal charges he’s due to stand before the man to answer. Nothing will happen. Why? Politics.

        Ultimately you’ve got to ask yourself is Trump a liability. Or can one man MAGA?

        He may have tried but in doing so the US reaped what he sowed, and as a result, you’re now in the hands of Commies, the woke, radicals, Lefties, and an old-old man.

        And that I find truly sad my friend.

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