Biden Endorses Right-Wing Gun Position

So, Biden hypes a ‘massive’ effort to curb violent crime and crime involving firearms yesterday. After careful review of his statements….they can be summed up as…….actually enforcing existing gun laws. A position that the political Right has long advocated for. My, what courage……

Now, being the uncompliant and obstinate Libertarian that I am, I believe that nearly every firearm prohibition should be removed, beginning with the abysmal NFA.

P.S. – In another ironic tidbit….many GOP elected representatives – after having voted against a commission to illuminate the events behind the Jan 6th insurrection – are now calling for that very event, having bought into the specious allegation that the FBI coordinated and enabled the event; which was carried out by Trump cultists.

3 thoughts on “Biden Endorses Right-Wing Gun Position

  1. During the Democrat Primaries, 98% of the DEMOCRAT VOTERS agreed with “Doctor” Jill Biden in telling Kamala Harris to Go F@ck Herself.

    AND ONLY 2% of the Democrats wanted Kamala Harris to be the President,thus forcing Kamala to drop out.

    The DNC got the last laugh over those 98% of Democrats, though, by forcing the Puppet, “Dementia” Joe to take Harris as his Vice President running mate…and now here she is messing up everything that she does, and proving that the consensus of the Democrats that DIDN’T approve of her was Correct .
    As SHE HERSELF proved that It was a huge mistake r to put Camela as the VP choice.


    • Are you confused? Did you mean to paste this screed in any number of other blogs that May at least have a topic concerning drama (invented or real) between Jill Biden and Harris? Do you really have this much time on your hands?? I’m jealous…..


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