What’s the Deal with the “Prove Me Wrong” Schtick?

I’ve observed a recent addition to the lexicon of right-wing bloggers – the stating of an opinion, followed by “prove me wrong“.

I’m fascinated by social norms and rhetorical devices which have have no value added. With regard to social norms, my all-time favorite is the reflexive need for many people to say “bless you/god bless you” after someone sneezes. This is often employed even by the decidedly non-religious. There’s no reason for it, and no value added…yet it persists.

Likewise for the “prove me wrong” exhortation after stating an opinion. In most cases [in my experience] this rhetorical device is employed by those who don’t actually desire to engage in reasonable discourse….but rather seems to be merely a middle finger to any who would disagree with what are [again, in my opinion] mostly specious, baseless and simplistically subjective statements.

Further, they are most often found [again, by me] in echo chambers of like-minded bloggers/commenters. So…..to what end? What value added? Bolstering the writers self esteem? I would love to know the thought process behind it’s use.

7 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with the “Prove Me Wrong” Schtick?

  1. Everything is open to analysis, and interpretation.
    However a persons culture, education, and life experiences are all factors that breed their own particular style and word usage.
    After that it’s rather like when you are people watching.
    How they move, dress, and communicate.
    And you knowing, ‘Yep, ex-forces.’

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