The Absolute Absurdity that is MTG *Updated*

We don’t need the daily does of Trumpy-thought directly from the source anymore…..there are minions who have stepped into that role nicely. Prolific among them, is one Marjorie Taylor Greene, who today proffered the following statement:

“Do you want to know why you are at home right now being overwhelmed with the news, overwhelmed that the Pfizer vaccine has been FDA approved early?”…….”It was supposed to be approved after Labor Day but magically is being approved today because President Joe Biden said to speed it up. Speed it up.”

Not “I think” or “I believe”….or “it’s possible”. But a bold, definitive statement claiming an action by another. Now, if she had some….any….proof, she would have offered that as evidence. But, alas….she did not, because she does not.

Allow me to play devils advocate for a moment and employ a sad, lazy crutch….just for funsies: “Marjorie Taylor Greene is a liar” – Prove Me Wrong.

Yeah, I still don’t get the fetish with that.

Update: The perpetual motion idiot machine that she is, now decides that since Kamala Harris hasn’t personally flown over to Afghanistan (because that security nightmare would make things better), that she should be impeached…..also. Because….. reasons? Idiocy….yeah.

4 thoughts on “The Absolute Absurdity that is MTG *Updated*

  1. Damn your politics is easy,

    Courtesy of Wiki. MTG
    Politician. So lying is her stock and trade
    Business woman. A Rich liar. How (not) unusual in politics.
    Far-right conspiracy theorist. Nut Job
    Trump Supporter. I might have known, so I consider her Delusional
    U.S. representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district.
    Probable voted in by Trump supporters.
    We call them sheeple, what do you call them??

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  2. Just about most people in office hurt my head, along with most of the assholes I live around that vote for them.

    In 15 years, they will have changed their minds at least 40 times. No vision for the future, just writing proverbial and literal checks that they won’t be around to own up to.

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