5 thoughts on “Saturday Sentiment

  1. To The Victor, The Spoils, and To The Vanquished?
    The pain, and the question “Was our loss worth it?”

    Did America lose or did the politics let everyone down?
    Those who have lost someone and the maimed have the right to ask that.

    And that question will be scaring the hell out of the outcast profession called politicians.
    I’m betting they will be thinking intensely about their job security, and frantically looking for someone to blame.

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  2. I “like” the sentiment above.
    Perhaps we need to separate the “war” from the “mission accomplished” part of all this. We went in to kiil off Al Qaeda, who was being harbored by the Taliban… and we went hunting for Bin Laden. We did both, but we had to remove the Taliban in the process and then got stuck babysitting a population. So we took up nation building… which we indeed lost that “mission”. Our “defeat” was more a capitulation because of simply a loss of will to continue… not because of military incapability. The Taliban “won” given we simply defaulted by leaving. Context IS important.
    To the greater question…. did we fail in bringing a stone age country into a unified democracy.. to that, it seems apparent. BUT… it is very possible that this chapter is not finished being written and the final result, perhaps years away and after civil lost of life in a revolution… or not… the place could end up having some form of unified participatory government.

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