One of our Long National Nightmares is Over

We have officially ended the travesty that had been known as Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.

Almost as many who died on 9/11, have perished in that forsaken place……mostly, fighting against an entity that didn’t attack us on 9/11. And for a nation building cause that has not made the homeland and safer.

Good riddance. Let China become embroiled in that quagmire next.

2 thoughts on “One of our Long National Nightmares is Over

  1. The US, and the UK, may have finished with boots on the ground (for now), but the drone attacks continue. While I don’t give a toss about jihadists being blown apart, the collateral damage that caused made a lot of the Middle East media.

    Thus the seeds of hatred are again being planted and retaliation assured.

    To that I add a comment from our top dog in the RAF who ‘stands ready’ to call in air strikes and move personnel to Afghanistan if (which probably means when) the circumstances (or politics) call for it.

    As always said, the problem isn’t the boots, it’s those who live behind a desk that are the danger to us all.


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