15 thoughts on “Dismantle the USPS

  1. Nice thoughts but I’d rather kill off technology loving government agencies as everything has to be done ‘online’ nowadays.
    Because the angry threats I have received on the phone from agencies after saying I have no mobile, email, facebook, or even a computer so they will have to send me a letter have been epic at times.
    Best bit about it? I always get that letter. 😉

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      • If I wasn’t worried that SWMBO would kill me first, I’d say sign me up!

        As for the eff bit? I’m not sure who is more stupid.

        Those who use social media without thinking about what the concept of ‘social’ means in social media and not grasping that what they scribble can be read by almost anyone.

        Or this ‘Way too late’ recognition that Gov (and their agencies) are looking at everything using the excuse that they are protecting the masses from a few, aka National Security!

        The UK’s GCHQ is our shining example of how to spy on all the population to stop whistle blowers or scandals that could ruin the political careers of the rich and corrupt. Only it doesn’t stop there, does it Google!!!!

        Wanna change things quickly and for the better? You work down the ranks, not up from the bottom.

        Command, communications, and supply. Leaving the cooks to do what they do best, Burn the soup.

        Keep safe. my friend.

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  2. I think that my local general store would run a better postal drop than the post office.

    Priority pricing for better service and delivery. Cheaper prices for pickup. Easy to delegate your houses pickup by signing a form. Could run a “wall of lock boxes” too.

    This makes more sense than having a post office in rural areas. Rural areas are a tax money vacuum.

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  3. If we’re worried about the federal government then we should worry about the people in that government who are trying to destroy the Post Office. They’re not doing it because they love us. USPS is obligated to serve Americans who live in areas that UPS doesn’t serve. The general store idea that Freematt suggests is fine, but even that wouldn’t function if we killed USPS with fire

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