TRUTH Social?

I’ll admit to not having much to say about Trump’s nascent social media platform…….beyond the irony of the name.

The sheer irony.

Oh, and for a “pro-free speech” venue, the terms and conditions, are likewise fascinating.

Users are not allowed to “disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Site.”

Is there a viable market for echo chambers? Not merely to survive, as there are already a multitude of those venues that cater to nearly every political and social bent in existence…….but to compete against forums that allow discourse between disparate points of view?

I don’t think Twitter and Facebook et al, are terribly concerned. But what do I know……I’m not on any of them.

4 thoughts on “TRUTH Social?

  1. Me either. I suppose if I were a growing teenager I might engage in that stuff given the social status and hierarchical social environment, and competition of high school. But I have no patience for it now.

    I personally think the blathering about “free speech” being some rock solid construct beyond the Constitution has no relevance. Free speech is a right only from concluding the fact that the Constitution expressly states that government will make no laws against it. The Constitution says nothing about social applications. A business is free to determine who, what, and how they serve their customers…. without the usual social discriminations (like race, gender, etc.), of course.

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      • Makes one wonder about the people who tend to wave the Constitution about, how much they actually understand what’s in it. I admit I am no Constitutional expert by any stretch and certainly cannot quote line & verse, but I try not to use it as a personal shield. Of course, if I miss that I fully expect others to call me on it. 🙂
        On a peripheral subject, being a capitalist I would consider the idea of breaking up FACEBOOK, maybe even Google. Seems we are in a similar position as Standard Oil in 1911 or the AT&T/Bell System back in the 80’s.

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      • Also being a Capitalist….possibly bordering on Anarcho-, I’m torn on monopolies. I really don’t think that Facebook and Google have reached that stature quite yet (their close)……..but I also don’t find any enumerated power that would make a State ordered breakup to be legal.

        Though, no scholar am I either.


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