Damn Girl……One Shot, One Kill!

A female Montana Army National Guard Soldier graduated from the U.S. Army Sniper Course at Fort Benning, Ga on Nov. 5, becoming the first woman in history to complete the course.

The Soldier began the U.S. Army Sniper Course in Sept. 2021. This intensive seven week course trains selected individuals assigned to sniper positions in the skills necessary to deliver long range precision fire and the collection of battlefield information.


A momentous achievement. This course is not for the faint of heart, will or body. As a graduate of the Army Sniper School in 1992, I can attest first hand on what it takes to complete the course, and graduate to be qualified as a Sniper. Good on her!

Me on the Sniper School stalking course, 1992. Rifle is on front of me, in the drag bag.

10 thoughts on “Damn Girl……One Shot, One Kill!

  1. A profession not without it’s own moral confrontations, patience, stamina, and post traumatic stress. You people have my utmost respect in doing the necessary job… but you squeeze the trigger differently than the others in combat situations.
    My question has never been, “can girls do it too” but far more about “can girls live with it as well”

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      • The reason I mention it at all is that females are statistically more vulnerable to issues of mental health, I would speculate only that some of that is due to the nurturing aspect of their natural instincts and the hunter & gatherer roles of human evolution. Perhaps they do re-bound better. Would love to read a study on that. I mention that as rhetorical.. I am not asking you to cite or prove anything to me. There’s also a social stigma I have to think when a female sniper returns to society having been active in the field. Might be a bit “rough” sharing that background on a first or second date with a new guy.

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      • Fair points all, and thoughtfully laid out. I would offer, that our society is likely behind the times so to speak, as we often are, regarding women in combat roles. Not that they’re any where close to a majority of course. Our society could learn a lot from others…..yet we uniformly decide not to.


  2. I am reminded of way back in 2013 I had a blog I started, not dissimilar to the stuff I do today, when I was living in Vegas. The old blog just won’t go away and I’ve long since lost the password access as it’s one of those WordPress free things and not the independent blogs I use today. But the entire point here is a post I made back then about the Pentagon taking an initiative to include more women in combat roles. I suppose I could re-post it but it’s not overly controversial at the moment although relevant perhaps to your post here.



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