Upvotes for Liz Cheney

I generally care little when members of the Duopoly hurl petulant pejoratives at one another, but I found Liz Cheney’s response….at least parts of it….hilarious.

@Liz_Cheney is hitting back at @tedcruz after he went on Fox News last night & accused her of “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” saying she was “broke” by Trump.

“Trump broke Ted Cruz,” Cheney told me. “A real man would be defending his wife, and his father, and the Constitution.”

Cucks deserve to be called out as such.

10 thoughts on “Upvotes for Liz Cheney

    • Once I admitted to myself the obvious, that the duopoly was morally and ethically bankrupt……I never looked back. And the rhetoric and actions to date have borne that decision just.

      But make no mistake, I don’t really view Cheney as much of a Conservative. Perhaps more so than others, but that’s a really low bar.


  1. Clearly I am not a fan of her politics, but she’s steely, that’s for sure. That I can respect.

    Cruz is one of the biggest riddles out there. How does a guy continue his bromance with someone who insults his wife and accuses his dad of playing a role in the assassination of President Kennedy?

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      • I don’t want just the GOP to implode. I want the zealous leftist bent of some Democrats to bring their party down as well.

        That’s the only way we can actually engineer hangs in our corrupt system of political theater.


      • Ah.. I see, erase the entire slate and start over. There’s a benefit to that as well.. I think as long as we don’t create an unbreathable vacuum, and something worthwhile evolves from the ashes, kinda thing. Libertarian perhaps? 🙂


      • I don’t think that it even requires a full ‘reboot’. Just have both major parties consume themselves, and let the public landscape see them for what they are. Make our political arena a free market of idea, rather than a monopoly [which spawned the term ‘duopoly’].

        Force competition…..make politicians work to convince the consumer that they are worth their vote.

        I know, fat chance……


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