Well, that didn’t take long….

As I opined here, here and here, it didn’t think it would take long for a SCOTUS ruling upholding Texas’ egregious* abortion law [SB8], to translate into similar efforts regrading firearms. Precedence may rear it’s legislative head.

Here comes Gavin Newsome:

If states can shield their laws from review by federal courts, then CA will use that authority to help protect lives. We will work to create the ability for private citizens to sue anyone who manufactures, distributes, or sells an assault weapon or ghost gun kit or parts in CA.Twitter

Is it going to work? With California, it’s hard to say….but file this under, watch what you wish for….

*I’m not commenting on the topic of abortion itself rather the means by which this law is enforceable.

13 thoughts on “Well, that didn’t take long….

    • Ed, yes he did. As did many other people across the political spectrum.

      The real question is why most conservatives favoring the repeal of Roe apparently did not see this coming and work with liberals to prevent just such a law.


  1. With this particular Court of personalities very likely the anticipated firearms application of the Texas abortion ban would have to be created just to have the whole concept of encouraging civilians to sue tossed out later. The Texas ban was admittedly a creative attempt but hardly a formula for a remedy across the board. Anti-abortion folks might love it now, but……………..

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  2. Newsome plays dirty so he will probably get away with this. As to the abortion law[s] in Texas, they have a good case against allowing people to kill human life. If women don’t like birth control and men don’t like condoms don’t do the deed outside of marriage. The last time I checked it was not very attractive playing madame butterfly and anything goes. Where are the morals? Though I concede you cannot legislate morality, they will legislate anything anti-moral!


    • Elizabeth… I traveled over to your blog and will give it a read over the next couple days. But judging from a couple of your remarks here I would submit also for your consideration you also give a gander at this blog….


      The blogmeister there is a former cop of 20+ years.. then a second career as a school teacher.. recently retired and re-located from Texas to Wyoming. He is very Right Wing Conservative… civil in his discourse. He of course has a fair number of like-minded followers.. except me. I am the only voice of.. “moral reason”, which means I tend to get the wrath when I make my challenging discourse. The reason I am in there, and on other Conservative blogs, satisfies more the humanist curiosity I have. Him and I have a similar demographic yet there’s a yin-yang in the politics. He tolerates my remarks since it stimulates spirited discussion.. rather than being just another Conservative echo chamber.

      As for the Texas abortion law… I agree with CI here. Newsome will make a point that the craziness of the Texas law can be used for other venues.. like gun control.

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