“Demo Dick” Passes On……

Loved him, hated him….just confused about him? Regardless of how you felt, Richard “Dick” Marchinko, has passed on, on Christmas Day, at age 81.

For those unaware, he can legitimately be spoken about with the same reverence as Charlie Beckwith of Delta Force [1st SFOD-D]. Dick Marcinko stood up the now legendary Seal Team 6…..first as a ‘Red Cell’…then as a nascent Tier 1 anti-terrorism unit.

He’s had his share of controversy, authoring self-laudatory books and trouble with the law……but his service in Vietnam and after…..is to be commended and remembered.

For a more thorough write-up, visit The War Zone.

Fair Skies and Following Seas, Commander Marcinko…….

5 thoughts on ““Demo Dick” Passes On……

  1. Never heard of the guy until today but it sounds like he was a complicated fellow… yet maverick enough in his early years to organize such a fighting outfit. Speaking with the experience of a manager at various levels of business, I have found that there is usually a place for ego, with a splattering of narcissism, in leading a critical mission… be it on a battlefield or in the office. He deserves respect for his accomplishments.

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  2. I too have never heard of him before today. He sounds like an interesting chap! I do agree all veterans that have served this country must be remembered. We owe our vets that sacrificed their lives so we can continue to live ours, free!

    Sorry, your posts were in my spam box. I just did not check have been busy. Your posts are posted and noted by my comments. Just FYI we do not have to always agree. I get sick of everyone always agreeing. I like spice in my comment section! 🙂


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