Trifecta of Gun Control Lies

From POTUS’s speech yesterday, on his second nominee for chief gun controller, as well as his tirade against “ghost guns”!!!!!

Three verified [and sadly predictable] lies, captured and rebutted by Spencer Brown at Town Hall.

1. “You couldn’t buy a cannon…”

2. “Gun manufacturers have more immunity…”

3. “I got it done once—ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines…”

20 thoughts on “Trifecta of Gun Control Lies

  1. I have the answer to the whole gun control debate: Just make gun ownership mandatory in The United States for everybody regardless of their socio-economic position or their mental state … no restrictions whatever … no back ground checks … no qualifications … no gun safety courses required …expand the stand your ground laws to include any kind of personal assault as a defensible reason to open fire …issue gun licenses to all newborn babies… allow guns everywhere .. homes, bars, parks, parades, theaters, churches, whore houses ..everywhere .. no limits restrictions .. and let America settle the gun control issue for themselves and for once and for all one fatality at a time.


      • Everywhere you look, the Republicans are expanding gunownership rights and stand your ground laws .. and gun ownership without background checks or permits .. it is well on the way to the Wild Wild West … perhaps you can tell me a few reasons that this is not the case?


      • The wild, wild west wasn’t even the wild, wild west…..before background checks and most other gun control laws. What you offered in your first comment, was pure absurdity. I don’t mean that to sound disrespectful, but I think you can agree that it was wildly unrealistic.

        Constitutional Rights should absolutely be protected to the degree that it maximum exercise by the Citizen.

        Violent crime [with weapons of all sorts, but especially firearms] ebbs and flows, just as all crime does.

        Civil Libertarians have long heard the breathless exhortations about ‘blood in the streets’ and the “wild, wild west”…..

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      • You don’t believe that every child who is born should have a gun license automatically issued in his name along with the birth certificate?
        You don’t believe that gun training should begin for kids in pre-school?
        You don’t believe that every applicant for a job in the United States should be required to show proof of citizenship and membership in the NRA?
        You don’t believe in permitless open carry for every citizen regardless of their state in life? Are you going to infringe on human rights by having people prove they are sane before they can own a gun?
        You don’t believe in “No Fault” stand your ground laws?
        What kind of Republican are you anyway?


  2. Violent crime [with weapons of all sorts, but especially firearms] ebbs and flows, just as all crime does.

    Civil Libertarians have long heard the breathless exhortations about ‘blood in the streets’ and the “wild, wild west”…..

    Absolutely the truth. I am rather sick of hearing about gun control from these morons. Furthermore yes guns kill, but not by themselves, it takes human beings to kill, a gun is no danger to anyone except for the person behind the barrel. They need to get off this control crap and blood in the streets. BTW wasn’t it the Democrats the same ones causing this “supposed blood in the streets and encouraging it?” Hypocrites.


  3. I was watching Brandon Herrera’s presentation about this.
    And some of the news clips when Biden spoke.
    Tell me, Biden only had to remember 3 letters A,T, and F.
    Preferably in that order BUT got it wrong, along with other things.
    Is there no end to the embarrasment he is causing America?

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      • Sigh, Here I sit in a land of sheeple scared of weapons of any sort (let alone shadows) because of what they have been brainwashed to believe.

        No weapons equals no deaths.

        On the other side, the more sane side who aren’t totally brain dead, see the death toll rising month on month, year on year.

        All killed by firearms that don’t exist that are freely available on the black market where you can either hire or buy, plus £1 a bullet.

        Not forgeting top of the range melee and bladed weapons available from our equivilant of Walwart.

        As for self defense?
        You cannot arm yourself. Simple as that.
        But, if you did, and caused harm to a low life? It usually ends up with you being sued by the scum, or jailed by the law, for exceeding what is deemed by gerbils (the legal profession) as excessive force, and carrying offensive weapons.

        Keep fighting!
        Don’t become a lost cause like the UK.


      • Paul, it’s interesting that you reference the UK. I’m from the UK. Do you know how many mass shootings we’ve had since we implemented strict gun control measures, in the wake of Dunblane? Depending on your definition, maybe three?

        It’s also true that, statistically speaking, we’re far less likely to be murdered in the UK. Indeed, our homicide rate is about three times lower than the US *gun* murder rate, with guns accounting for between two thirds and 75% of all US murders.

        Did you know that as of 2018, the combined total murder rates of the UK, France, and Germany were *lower* than the US murder rate? In fact, you can add Japan’s murder rate and the four nations combined would still have a lower murder rate. It would be overly simplistic to say this is exclusively down to gun laws, but nor can the existence of robust (yet different) forms of gun control in these countries be ignored. On the unfortunate phenomenon of mass shootings, these countries rarely see the sort of harrowing violence that we hear about regularly in the US.

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      • I’m not a fan of comparing murder rate by country or weapon as their demographics, culture, religion, crime, and gun/blade/drug laws are all different to ours. With the numbers game, the US has a population of 334.6 million. UK? 67.8 million. I could list the rest and the population density / total area of the country but to what avail. Naught!

        As for what was used regarding weaponry, and how much of that was legal/illegal/not even required to be legal or certificated? Does it matter when someone is dead!

        Besides, statistics can prove white is black if you want it too, and the UK’s politicians are great at doing just that.

        Bottom line is, “I sit in a land of sheeple scared of weapons of any sort (let alone shadows) because of what they have been brainwashed to believe.”

        If you read my 9 meals from anarchy you’ll also see my thinking on how fragile law and order is. Google the same and you’ll find I’m not alone.

        This summer is going to see bite back towards the UKGov from the little people, and I’m one of them.
        Respect for the police is waning as is trust in the UKGov. That’s not statistics, that’s the word on the streets.
        I’m hoping it’ll just be mass protest BUT the danger of escalation to riot and the weapon of choice of the rabid, fire.

        Here’s a thought for you.
        Certain communities, cultures in the UK favor machetes. The cessation of stop and search among that group for political reasons is a mistake IMHO.

        Yet, if you are over 18? £13 upward buys a pretty mean blade, legally, no license needed.

        The UK is in a mess my friend and you can only push the subservient and meek so far before they bite back. With that in mind, and as prepper/survivalist, that’s something I factor into my thinking.

        Will guns be used? Possibly, and the media will be awash with a shed load of ban the guns content again. Will it stop their use? No. Then there are blades, fire, bottles, 4×2, you name it they’ll be screaming for it to also be banned.


      • The thing is Paul, murder rates (usually defined as ‘per 100,000 people’) are the equaliser. It’s a balanced comparison. The US murder rate with guns alone is greater than the UK’s, France’s, and Japan’s total combined rates. Whilst you are correct that demographics can vary, the UK and the US are broadly similar in many ways.

        Regarding the *legality* of the weapons, does it matter? There are nearly as many guns in the US as there are people. There is a strong, powerful gun culture, and powerful political forces, tied to an industry worth billions, and guns are *very* easy to obtain, even legally. Is it any wonder that the US continues to be unique among developed countries, for the frequency of mass shootings?

        The statistics are also facts. I’ve drawn my conclusions from the information, not from slogans or buzzwords or attractive ideas. If I moved to the US from the UK tomorrow, my chances of being murdered by a gun would treble. In fact, they’d probably *more* than treble.

        To quote: [quote]What share of all murders and suicides in the U.S. involve a gun?
        Nearly eight-in-ten (79%) U.S. murders in 2020 – 19,384 out of 24,576 – involved a firearm. That marked the highest percentage since at least 1968, the earliest year for which the CDC has online records.[/quote]

        Whatever the social and economic problems we have here in the UK, we are a safer country. That is the reality.

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  4. Thank you for your points and I replied to your comment on my blog. Bottom line? I don’t play the statistics game, governments do, I don’t.

    I am however very street aware and the streets talk, and they are angry. You can only push the meek so far before they will react. The streets are saying they’re thinking about doing that.
    As for the feral? they react because they can.
    Will UK criminals and rioters continue using guns? Some might.
    UKGov answer? Ban guns, and no guns will ever kill again.
    Guns in the right hands can counter that threat.
    The unarmed are just so many victims, waiting to happen.


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