MTG Says: Joining the Military = “throwing your life away”

Noted Veteran and military expert…oh wait. Noted bombastic oxygen thief, snowflake and generic idiot Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Lou Dobb’s podcast [because, of course] and mewled:

Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has said joining the military is like “throwing your life away” due to President Joe Biden‘s foreign policies.

Speaking to former Fox News host Lou Dobbs‘ podcast on April 9, Greene listed other reasons why people should not join the military, including the vaccine mandate and “woke” training.

Greene made the remarks after Dobbs questioned the “quality of people” that are in the Defense Department in Biden’s administration and suggested that the military was struggling to attract new recruits because people have “seen the way they’re treated.”Newsweek

The remainder of the article has similar indefensible tripe. I didn’t even include her reference to ‘satanic‘. There is much wrong with this nation currently, and her type among the reasons.

Much like “back the blue” was shown to be lie on January 6th 2021, the Right generally has as little regard as the Left, for the Armed Forces of this nation. They both instead, use the institution, and those who serve their country, as convenient props.

6 thoughts on “MTG Says: Joining the Military = “throwing your life away”

  1. Who is this silly woman? Ah, hang on, a politician.
    One of them, “I couldn’t cut it in the real world, hold down a real job, so went into politics”.

    Meanwhile, Yeah, I threw my life away.
    I got trade trained in all sorts of skills.
    Made lifelong friends, got self discipline, a pride in myself, and a work ethnic politicans can only droll about.
    Then travelled around the world FOR FREE!
    Learning languages, seeing the sights, and saved a few lives.

    Yep, a complete waste of of my life ESPECIALLY when I left the forces and found myself being offered loads of money as my skillsets were in great demand in various industries.

    Boy oh boy.
    Someone must have voted her in.
    I wonder if they were as stupid as she is.

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    • I didn’t follow a lick of her campaign, I only know what she has accomplished legislatively……which is just high of zilch…..and her rhetoric since being elected. There is an odd demographic on the Right (the Left is largely a lost cause in my estimation), that has some good ideas that are out of the mainstream media f the GOP. But, they’re also stark raving ignorant lunatics. People who are ads jokes for the sake of being an asshole……and utterly bankrupt any chance they had at trying to improve the state of affairs……if that was even ever their goal (I have my doubts).

      These people have always existed….but much like the seeming explosion of racists and assorted trash, a phenomenon occurred around 2015/16 that made them think their inside their head voices…..needed to be set free.

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  2. TBH:
    I have hammered most politicians and elite types these days.
    Trump among others, including liberals think that way.
    The only people that don’t are people like TR IV and his family, which are few/far between.
    I had a mother of school mate/church member I knew say something like that in front of my mother/mother of a fellow service member. (Navy , Marine Corps respectfully).
    The lady waffled big time. Her son was a noodly arm type band nerd that was never physically fit or had friends that were. (Irony is that his dad was a drive way basketball hustler of sorts).
    My folks know that I was involved with drug ops/cg leo stuff, even though I hated/disagreed with it


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